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The most used when manipulating files, I'm afraid to copy and paste the two menu tools, if the two menu damage, the estimated file can not operate, causing this phenomenon, most of the registry configuration is lost, poisoned, dynamic link library failure, etc., if you want to fix these problems, according to the above method of a repair, Generally can be solved, the following is a specific description can not copy paste repair operation steps.


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Method One: Repair the Registry

Cannot use the duplicate Paste function, may use the registry repair, the registry is the system core part, therefore the operation is cautious.

To fix the method, go to the registry, open the "Run" program from the Start menu, and enter the regedit command, and then enter the Registry Editor window.


Once you have entered the Registry Editor window, first locate and select the "Hkey_cruuent_user" root key.


Then open [Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexplorer] in turn, and then select the Explorer, right--> new-> DWORD value, create a new item in the right window.


New, the default name will be "new #1", you need to change this name to "Noviewcontextmenu", if not renamed at that time, you can right-click on this item later, select "Rename" In the right menu, and then change.

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After changing the name, double-click the "Noviewcontextmenu", open a "Edit DWORD Value" window, in the data value, change the value to "1", and then click OK, the modification is complete, to try whether you can copy and paste.


Method Two: Update the clip file

Can not copy the paste problem, there may be poisoning caused, may be the virus to the clip files damaged, if so, the first to antivirus, and then whether the file is damaged, or lost, are updated clip files.

First antivirus, for example, with a key to antivirus Jinshan, other anti-virus software can also.


Then open the browser, in the search box to enter Clipbrd.exe file name, Baidu, from the search to the snapshot, select one of the downloads.

Hint: Download back of the file, it is best to kill first poison, lest bring into the virus again.


Go to the Download Save folder, select the Clipbrd.exe file, because you may not be able to copy, select Move, in the Mobile Project window, select the folder you want to move to C:windowssystem32, click OK.


If the previous Clipbrd.exe file is missing, the move will not be prompted, if the previous only damage, will be prompted whether to overwrite, press "OK". Check the C:windowssystem32 folder to see if you did move the Clipbrd.exe file here.


Method Two: Register the invalid dynamic link library file

If you cannot resolve the problem of paste replication after the above two methods, it may be that the dynamic link library file registration fails, and the solution is to re-register the dynamic link library files associated with the clip.

To register the method, go to the Start menu and open the Run program.


Then enter the following lines of code in the Run edit box, and click OK to register.

regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll Press OK to register

regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll Press OK to register

regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll Press OK to register

regsvr32 Mshtml.dll Press OK to register

regsvr32 Urlmon.dll Press OK to register

Reboot the computer try copying and pasting,

If it's still not working,

Then enter regsvr32 Shell32.dll registration once.


If the registration is successful, each time there will be "DllRegisterServer success in the Xxx.dll file," such as the hint, if not, this file may be a problem or damage, to download a copy of the same version of this dynamic link library file, put to C: WindowsSystem32 folder, and then register again.


Attention matters

Because the registry is very important, it is a good idea to back up the registry before you modify it so that it can be recovered after the error has been modified.

If it is a 64-bit system, put it in the C:windowssyswow 64 folder, and then register it again with the method above.

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