Computer CPU fan How to remove (text) How to remove the CPU fan

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computer CPU Fan How to remove (text) How to remove the CPU fan

Computer used for a long time, the computer will be a lot of ash, especially the CPU fan, resulting in poor heat dissipation, slow running and so on a series of problems. Today's small knitting to teach you how to remove the CPU fan.

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1, the removal of the K8 CPU heatsink, the first to pull the metal clip up to the other end.

2, after the end with both hands will have a metal buckle with one end of the buckle slowly launched, if the buckle is relatively tight words can also use screwdriver and other tools.

3, when one end of the fastener open, the other end of the release of the buckle will be much easier, as long as the hand will buckle slowly launched.

4, when the two ends of the buckle all open, you can slowly remove the CPU heatsink. One thing to note here is that because the thermal grease has the potential to glue the CPU to the bottom of the heatsink, the CPU heatsink must be removed vertically to avoid bending the CPU's fragile pins.

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