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In the process of computer use, we often encounter panic, and the crash attendant computer operating system, from the beginning of the Windows graphical operating system, has been the case. Why can't it be solved all the time? It's about how Windows works. Why emphasize the Windows operating system, because there are several other major operating systems in addition to the Windows operating system, the most famous of which is UNIX. The UNIX operating interface focuses on the command-line interface, which reduces many resources. And the original intention of the Windows operating system is to popularize, so in the graphical interface up and down a lot of time production, so there are some loopholes. In addition, the Windows operating system uses the memory call to work, in the call, there will be problems, so has been unable to solve some problems.

We common some of the crash, but also because of some hidden problems, or improper settings, improper operation caused by the system itself or the hardware itself caused by the problem. In order to solve the fault "first soft after hard" principle, from software failure to hardware failure, we have to slowly analysis.

First System problem

operating system is critical to the entire computer's use, and system problems result in a blue screen that is typically corrupted by system files, or when startup files are damaged. If the system file is corrupted, you can find the file to copy to the system, you can also use the system's own commands to repair, or use the command console to restore. Specific recovery steps can be found in the book's System file loss failure analysis to find more detailed instructions.

Second software problem

The most frequent use of
is the application software, the application software also has a production problem, but also the use of tool software produced. In the process of man-made production, it is inevitable that many loopholes or errors. For example, the game, in the entry and game, when exiting, it is very easy to panic, because the game itself is in the use of memory calls to run the way. At the time of the call, the error may occur because of an error in the operation or the program itself, causing the panic. In this case, you can only reinstall the software or install the appropriate patches for the software.

The third kind of software virus residue file problem

When the software is unloaded, and when the virus is deleted or killed, will be left some files, such as history files, DLLs and other files, and these files may still remain in the system's registration file, the use of the same as normal use, but these programs and the virus has not, so the system at the time of the call , unable to find the program, may form a dead loop, causing the panic. Software and virus residue files may also cause a panic, so in uninstall and antivirus, you need to pay attention to whether to leave temporary files, historical files and files not deleted in the file, you need to delete.

fourth software incompatibility problem

some software, probably because of conflicts with other software. For example, anti-virus software, by the anti-virus mechanism of the different, in the use of system permissions may have conflict, or other software is also the case. So the wrong solution to this type of file is to reinstall it or delete it immediately after uninstalling it.

fifth kind of cache setting unreasonable problem

buffer is to call the contents of the hard disk into the buffer to speed up access. Set the capacity of the data can be stored, if set improperly, it is likely to cause a panic. So if there is a problem, just set it to default or set it right.

Sixth system Resource scarcity problem

system resources, the whole is the whole computer hardware resources, but the most important is the memory, memory is the system hardware is very important parts, mainly responsible for the system Run-time data storage, so if set improperly, will cause data loss and other errors, or panic. If this is the case, check to see if there are any abnormal process files that consume a lot of memory, and turn off some of the less frequently used software.

seventh virus, Trojan problem

virus and Trojan, in fact, is also a computer program, but the principle of work and work is not the same goal. So, when viruses and Trojans run, malicious use of system resources or damage to system files, computer resources and system files caused damage. If this is the case, upgrade your antivirus software immediately or use the virus killing tool. In addition, usually pay attention to open the virus real-time monitoring to instantly protect the operating system.

eighth hardware overheating problem

Computer hardware is actually printed circuit board and other electronic equipment, so when electricity, will carry out migration, generate heat. So the heat dissipation of the computer is also very important. If you do not pay attention to heat dissipation, it may cause the hardware product to burn out or burn. Hardware overheating, you need to start from the chassis to check, and then from the CPU and other equipment to begin inspection, the elimination of analysis, if found, you can replace the cooling fan or add lubricating oil, so that it can work properly.

nineth hard Disk problem

hard disk is the important hardware that the computer stores the data. When the computer is running, the access to the hard disk is very frequent. And the hard drive, divided into electronic parts and mechanical parts, under normal circumstances only the mechanical part of the motor error, and the electronic part, the most important storage area, in the reading and writing process, the hard drive to run at high speed, if the accidental power off, it may be wrong, or even the hard disk surface damage. Therefore, if the hard disk appears bad or hard disk debris too much, should first use the disk Detection tool detection, if judged as hard disk existence bad way, you can use bad track detection tool detection after detection, in advance to find, early processing.

The tenth hardware quality problem of

Hardware Quality and electronic products of the same quality, if the production process is not sophisticated, modified technology is not good, can not make the hardware normal work. For example, power supply, if the power supply is not stable, it may also cause a panic condition. So when choosing a computer, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the hardware.

11th hardware overclocking problem

hardware is fixed at fixed frequencies, and some users in order to seek higher speed, on the default basis of existing equipment, improve power or improve the frequency, to achieve the purpose of overclocking. Of course, if an accessory is overclocking, the frequency of other devices also increases with frequency, which may result in unstable system hardware.

12th Hardware Environment Problem

hardware environment is extensive, including computer internal temperature, hardware operating temperature, external temperature and the temperature and humidity of the room where the computer is placed. Although not necessarily to meet the standard, but also to meet the basic requirements, can not let the computer hardware temperature suddenly drop or rise, will affect the electronic life and use. So for the hardware environment, you can pay more attention in peacetime, not too hot, too damp, or too cold, so that the computer more secure use.

The above describes the system crash and analysis, then, the following we on the system of the resolution of the panic synthesis.

in terms of software, the problems that arise are generally file loss, corruption and conflict, or lack of resources, mainly for file reasons, and also for system resources. So, the solution is to start with the file, if the file is lost damage, you can find, copy, and restore. If there is a conflict, you need to close or uninstall one of the first. If the system is lack of resources, then it is necessary to see those resources occupy more, appropriate regulation on it. When the software's problem is judged, it can be judged from the wrong type, and the general software error is prompted.

from the hardware side, if there are problems, it is usually fever, overload of work and quality and environment. If these failures occur, we should use the elimination method, 1.1 Points of troubleshooting, reduce the fault range, and then judge, solve. The solution is generally to clean or replace parts, judgment methods are generally rely on the eyes and nose to check, such as through observation, found that memory gold finger oxidation phenomenon, you should use the eraser to clear the oxide layer, hardware problems when judged, but also from the wrong type of judgment, such as the boot found chassis alarm, You can tell by sound that one of the hardware has failed.

This article summarizes some common crash failures, added some instructions, hoping to be able to often see the computer failure to help.

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