Computer does not sound, solve the computer no sound detailed steps

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The computer doesn't sound?

If you are enjoying the HD blockbuster, if you are fighting in the game, if you are in the voice call, face the computer does not sound you are helpless, do not worry! This paper will use the illustrated method to give a detailed solution.

Detailed steps to troubleshoot a computer without sound

The first step is to check if the computer is mute, observe the small horn icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar to see if the small horn shows a red circle, if it is, then click on the small horn, in the pop-up volume Control menu, will mute the front of the hook to remove, while the volume console up, try to open up a little, Help to judge the problem and solve the problem that the computer doesn't sound

Step two, check the audio connectors for obvious breaks or anomalies.

The third step, if you are using an external speaker, check external audio is normal work, open the external sound system, will turn the volume open a little bit, to find the audio connected to the computer input plug, with the hand touch plug metal parts (general computer external audio power supply voltage below 24 volts, so do is safe), if the speaker issued "AIDS" noise, indicating that the sound system is working properly

The fourth step, if you are using headphones, plug the headset into other devices to determine whether the headset is intact

Step Fifth, check that the player volume is muted or that the volume is too low

Sixth step, check the sound card driver is normal, right-click on "My Computer", click "Properties", select "Hardware" In the pop-up menu, open "Device Manager", and expand the "+" number in front of "sound, video and game controllers" to see if there is a yellow exclamation or question mark in it. Check to see if there is a yellow question mark on the word "audio" in the entire Device Manager window. If there is a lack of sound card driver or driver problems, Baidu Search "Drive Wizard", Download installation Drive Wizard, according to the prompts to install a sound card driver, you can solve the problem of computer no sound ( Online tutorial on how to install a sound card driver, small make up think is too complex for novice, actually use "Drive Wizard" Install sound card drive method is very simple, accurate, there is no need to look at the sound card model and so on, the whole fool-like operation, so the small part of the manual installation of the sound card driver do too much explanation), The computer is not sound, because the sound card driver is causing problems.

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