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Determine the chassis structure and volume should choose 3/4 High ATX Chassis, because the size is appropriate, scalability is also better, with 3 or more than 3 5.25-inch drive installation slot and 2 3 5-inch floppy drive mounting slots.

Note the appearance of the chassis appearance includes external shapes and colors, and the appearance of the chassis is important, after all, the chassis is the façade of a computer. Of course, the appearance of the chassis must be combined with the quality of the chassis, unfading.

 Determining the chassis layout

such as expansion card sockets, the number of drive slots and how to use, the design of the chassis panel and the cooling inside the chassis problem. About expansion card sockets • Some of the chassis use a unique design, without the use of screws can directly fix the expansion card, remove the expansion card without the use of a screwdriver • very convenient. Another important aspect is the drive slot, if the price difference is not big, should choose a chassis with 4 5 25 inch drive slot, so the upgrade ability is stronger.

The cooling performance of the chassis is also very important. When buying a chassis, pay attention to whether the chassis is reserved for the Organic box fan position, preferably in two directions.

Look at the materials used in the chassis and workmanship of the production of the material is generally galvanized steel plate. The production process of a better chassis • Shell plate with nails is not marked by the mark.

Determine chassis features many of the chassis products on the market now have unique features. For example, heat-enhanced chassis, adding a number of fans, to improve the stability of the computer operation. Some of the use of convenience in the upper and lower martial arts, USB terminals, audio end to the chassis on the front panel.

Pay attention to purchasing skills to see whether the chassis plate is heavy, can be used to try to make the hand deformation, the chassis above and side of the cover plate removed, a little hard to the chassis along the diagonal picked up. See if the deformation, you can also detect the chassis structure of the solid. There is also a trick, that is weight, generally the heavier the better the quality of the chassis.

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