Computer Flower screen? No sound? Get the machine to drive life!

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Computer flower screen? No sound? Can't find a cow? Installation drive life, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the drive experts on the spot for your one-on-one Super VIP service! The machine has the secret, uses the drive life, you may also be the big God, quickly comes together to engage the machine, wins the Hornet Steam Castle chassis!

Activity Address:

Activity Participation Mode:

(1) Sina micro-blog activities

Share the activity page to Sina Weibo or Tencent, pay attention to and drive life to participate in the "Couba to engage in the machine to drive life!" Activities sharing;

(2) Forum building activities

Drive the problem to cover the building, that is, the opportunity to be driven expert VIP service cards and portable WiFi, but also a gift package waiting for you! Gai Lou address:

(3) Invite friends to rob the driver expert VIP service card

Installation drive Life, click on the client "participate in the Activity" button, will contain the only coded download link to share to QQ group, Sina or Tencent Weibo and other channels. Successful download of the successful installation of a friend is counted as a successful invitation. Each successful invite 10 friends can be driven expert VIP service single card, more chance to win the mystery prize!

Click on the "Participate in" button--Enter the email address--To eject the replication success prompts-Copy the download link or click on the microblog to share directly.

Activities Introduction:

(1) Valid: July 2, 2014-September 1, 2014 (expired);

(2) After the event, driving the Life official website or the official micro-blog will promptly announce the winning list and DMS notify the winners, please pay attention to the participants in time to see;

(3) Statement: The winning users need to be notified within 10 days from the date of contact with the staff to receive prizes, overdue void;

(4) Share this activity page to micro Blog, participate in Help drive experts building and invite friends to rob VIP card, that is, the opportunity to get rich prizes!

Activity Statement: The final interpretation of this activity is the right to drive all life.

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