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The system does not start normally, the computer frequently crashes, the system memory report is insufficient, in the process of using the computer, you also often encounter this kind of situation? In fact, most of the time, these phenomena are caused by the virus, the virus has invaded your computer, and here's what is causing the virus:

1. Frequently crashes

Reason: Viruses open a lot of files or occupy a lot of memory; unstable (such as poor memory quality, Hardware overclocking performance is poor); large-capacity software consumes a large amount of memory and disk space; some test software (there are many bugs), hard disk space is not enough, and so on, running the software on the network often crashes may be due to the slow speed of the network, the program running too large, or their workstation hardware configuration is too low.

2. The system could not start the

Reason: The virus modified the boot information on the hard drive or deleted some boot files. If the boot virus boot file is corrupted, the hard drive is damaged or the parameter is set incorrectly, and the system files are accidentally deleted.

3. The file cannot be opened

Reason: The virus modified the file format; The virus modified the file link location. file damage; the hard drive is damaged; the link location for the file shortcut has changed; the software that edited the file has been deleted, and if it is in the LAN, it has changed the location of the file in the server and the workstation did not rinse the contents of the new service in time (the resource manager has been open for a long time

4. Memory is often reported as not enough

: viruses illegally occupy large amounts of memory, open a lot of software, run software that requires memory resources, system configuration is incorrect, memory is not sufficient (the current basic memory requirements are 128M), and so on.

5. Hint Hard disk space is not enough

Reason: Virus copied a large number of virus files (this encountered several cases, sometimes good near 10G hard disk installed a WIN98 or WINNT4.0 system said there is no space, a software installation prompts the hard disk space is not enough. Hard disk each partition capacity is too small, installed a large number of large-capacity software; All software is centrally installed in a partition, the hard disk itself is small, if the system administrator in the LAN for each user set the workstation user's "private disk" to use the space limit, because view the entire network disk size, in fact, "private disk" The capacity has been exhausted. (  tutorial)

6. Read and write signals are not accessed when devices such as floppy disks

Reason: virus infection; The floppy disk was removed and opened files that had been opened in the floppy disk.

7. Start black screen

Reason: Virus infection (remember the deepest is 98 of 4.26, I paid a good price for cih thousands of yuan, the day I first boot to WindowsThe picture froze, and the second time it was turned on, there was nothing. Monitor failure, display card failure, motherboard failure, overclocking excessive, CPU corruption, and so on

8. A large number of files with unknown origin

Reason: virus copy file; it may be a temporary file generated in some software installation Or perhaps some software configuration information and running records.

9. Data loss

Reason: The virus deleted the file, the hard disk sector was damaged, the original file was overwritten because of the recovery file, and if it was a file on the network, it may have been mistakenly deleted by another user.

10. The keyboard or mouse is locked for no reason: virus mischief, especially to pay attention to "Trojan"; keyboard or mouse damage, keyboard or mouse interface damage on the motherboard, running a keyboard or mouse lock program, the program is too large, long time system is very busy, shows that pressing the keyboard or mouse does not work.

11. The system automatically performs the operation

Reason: The virus performs illegal operation in the background, the user sets up the automatic operation of the program in the registry or the startup group, and some software needs to automatically restart the system after installation or upgrade.

12. System running Slow

Reason: The virus consumes memory and CPU resources, runs a lot of illegal operations in the background, has a low hardware configuration, has too many or too large open programs, is not configured correctly, and if you run a program on the network, it is mostly due to the low configuration of your machine. It is also possible that the network is busy at this time, there are many users to open a program at the same time, there is another possibility is that your hard disk space is not enough to run the program when the temporary exchange of data.

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