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In the first case, do not upgrade the solid-state drive, only buy memory, the second case, bought a small volume of solid-state drives, with large-capacity mechanical hard disk use. If you are in both areas, can be provided by the small series of methods, so that your computer system read and write performance greatly improved!

First of all, download a primocache software (, Windows Xp~window 10 is fully applicable! It can use memory as a cache to speed up the read and write performance of local disks! Includes mechanical hard drives, SSD solid-state drives, and even flash disks. Note that after installation, you must restart the computer, otherwise there will be an error prompt.

Why Primocache can improve hard drive speed?

The Primocache works by intercepting and processing the I/O requests that the system sends to the hard disk. If the data read by the I/O request is already in the cache, the data in the cache is read directly and the I/O request is completed. Otherwise, the data needs to be read from the hard disk and stored in the cache while completing the I/O request.

Reboot Primocache, click on the top left icon (also near only one icon, the other is gray is not clickable).

Pop-up interface, tick the hard drive to accelerate, click Next. Note that you can check the different partitions of the same hard disk, such as backup data partitions can not be accelerated to save resources.

In the next interface, you can choose a variety of configuration patterns, ideally the fourth "improve Read & Write Performance", of course, if you have other considerations, you can adjust as appropriate.

On the Parameter configuration page, the left side of this setting can properly partition the system memory to the hard disk for speed, recommend 8GB memory maximum partition 1GB (recommended 128MB~256MB is enough), 4GB memory most divided 512MB use (recommended 128MB), and more will greatly affect system performance, Outweigh the gains.

Parameter Configuration page to the right, note that the cache granularity is set to 4KB (the default 16KB), which is more appropriate for a block size, and that the cache policy does not change to read/write mode. Then, there is a particularly important option to tick, which is "Enable deferred write." Time to fill in 60 seconds is advisable.

Set confirm click to start, the hard disk read and write operation will be through the memory cache to improve speed, according to the test, pure mechanical hard disk can significantly improve the speed of reading and writing, especially 4K fragments of the reading and writing of files, but also a quality to upgrade.

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