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Let 's see what the difference is between the two pictures below.

The eagle-eyed partner is going to see it all at once, right? If you select more than one file at a time in File Explorer (more than 15), the right mouse button will have fewer menu items to choose from. Well, hard to ask this is the story, small series can not, to Microsoft's official website technology Area writhed for a long time, the result is nothing.

So the guess is that Microsoft has taken into account the different computer configuration, the centralized operation of multiple files will cause the system instantaneous load overload, increased the system of suspended animation, card death, blue screen, operation can not be carried out and so on, simply directly in the system to make a single operation of the number of documents limit.

This is obviously not good to play Ah! It's not my business, you make the limit is your wrong.

But in the Microsoft Technical Forum also not to get nothing, want to lift the limit is difficult to fail us these register enthusiasts.

After "Win+r" enter "regedit" into Registry Editor,

Navigate directly to


right mouse button "new DWORD (32-bit) value" and name it "Multipleinvokepromptminimum" (a little bit longer, in fact, after splitting it up to remember, multiple Invoke Prompt minimum= Multiple invocation hints minimum value).

Then double-click to modify the value data, here is the focus, the past we have modified the registry is basically the default hexadecimal, but this change requires the data format to "decimal", and then enter the right mouse button to operate simultaneously the number of files (that is, how many files at the same time operation, can also fully display the right mouse button menu), It's OK to finish.

Then you can see the effect after the change.

Although the registry enthusiasts have access to the limitations of the system, but we also have to do well. According to the test, small series of the computer at the same time operation "45" files on the hang, hard to make a notebook to "27" after the rest of the dish. But it's also a way to test the computer's ability to run, to see how much your computer can withstand, save up to 30 files to upgrade!

Do you think that small knitting is too busy to work, and a new file to test? I've talked about using batch processing on the OK Oh.

After you copy the following command to a text document save, change the. txt extension of the text document to. bat

@echo off

FOR/L%%i in (1,1,10) do copy a.txt A%%i.txt

Convert the. txt extension of the text document to. bat, and then create a new text document named "A" to perform the batch file that you just made.

Of these, 10 of (1,1,10) is the number of files produced and can be changed at will. And behind the "A.txt A%%i.txt", A is the template used in the example, you can change the name you want at any time, such as small set want to create a new 20 computer-lovers of the text document, you will be a new folder called "Computer enthusiasts" text document, and then change the above command to

@echo off

FOR/L%%i in (1,1,20) does copy computer enthusiast. txt computer enthusiast%%i.txt

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