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Computer silent troubleshooting methods are as follows:

(1) First check the taskbar to the right there is no "small horn." If there is, the sound card is normal, the cause of the failure may be the system sounds too small, or set the mute, or speaker failure. You can continue to check whether there is sound output through headphones, if so, it is the speaker's fault.

(2) If there is no "small horn" on the right side of the taskbar, click the Control Panel/sound and Audio Devices command. Open the sound and Audio Device Properties dialog box, click the Sounds tab in the dialog box, and then click one of the program events (such as a program error) in the Program events field, and then select a sound type. Then see if the Preview button on the right is black. If black, the sound card is normal, the reason for the failure may be the system volume is too small, or set mute, or speaker failure.

(3) If the preview button in the Sound tab is dimmed, then click Control Panel/System Properties/Hardware/Device Manager to see if there is any yellow in the Device Manager window? "option.

(4) If there is yellow "? To see if the option is a sound card device option (the audio device option usually has keywords such as "Audio" or "Sound"). If the sound card device option, it indicates that the sound card driver is not installed, reinstall the sound card driver, the silent problem can be resolved.

(5) If there is yellow "? "Does the option not refer to sound card devices, or no yellow?" "option, then see the sound, Video and game controller tabs under the yellow"! " "option.

(6) If there is yellow "! , it may be the sound card driver mismatch or the sound card aging. Then delete the band! option, reinstall the sound card driver.

(7) If there is no sound card option in the Device Manager window and the sound card is an integrated sound card, reboot the computer and enter the BIOS program. Then check that the peripheral device options in the BIOS are set to "Disabled" and, if so, change it to "Enable". If this setting i "Enable", it may be the motherboard sound circuit damage, repair sound card circuit.

(8) If the sound card is not an integrated sound card, then open the chassis and check to see if the sound card is properly installed. If not installed properly, after reinstalling, the power-on test can be, if the sound card has been installed, then remove the sound card, and then clean the motherboard sound card slot and the dust on top of the sound card (especially to check the gold fingers are moldy, etc.), clean, and then reinstall, the general fault can be ruled out.

(9) If the sound card is not normal, there is a problem with the sound card, use the replacement method to check whether the sound card is damaged or incompatible with the motherboard. If the sound card is damaged or not compatible with the motherboard, replace the sound card.

How to install the sound card driver:

(a) Right click on "My Computer"/"Properties"/"Hardware"/"Device Manager", and expand the "sound, video and game controllers" to see if there is a yellow in front? "Number, there, the description of the lack of sound card driver, there"! "Number, which indicates that the sound card driver is not working properly.

(b) Do not know the sound card model, look at the expanded "sound, video and game controllers" under the string of characters and numbers is your sound card model, you can also "start"/"Run"/input dxdiag, open the "DirectX Diagnostics Tool"/sound, from the open interface to find.

(c) CD-ROM installation, the driver of the sound card into the optical drive, right click on the "Voice, video and game controller" under? option, select Update Driver, and open the Hardware Update Wizard. Select "Yes, only this time"/"Next"/"Auto Install software"/"Next", the system will automatically search and install the CD audio driver, if the disc is not suitable for your sound card driver, and then try again, until completed.

(iv) Download driver software Installation:

1, download the sound card driving a lot of sites, as far as possible to comprehensive large Web site home page, your sound card model input to the "search" text box, press the "Search" button, from the Open interface, select you want to download the driving site.

2, in the open Web site, if you do not show you want the driver software, you can use the site search engine.

3, download driver software to note: One is the brand model to be right, the second is on what the system will be used, the third is to see the timing of the driving software release, the latest may not be suitable for use, can download a few more, pick to make.

4, download the driver software generally have automatic installation function, open, click is automatic installation. Cannot be installed automatically, after decompression, to write down the software on the disk specific path, such as D: ... Right-click My Computer/Properties/hardware/Device Manager, turn on sound, video and game controllers, right-click under Sound, video and game controllers. Sound card options, select "Update Driver", open the Hardware Update Wizard, remove the "search removable media" before the Tick, check "Install from list or specified location"/"Next", tick "include this location in search", and fill out the path of the sound card driver folder you want to use in the Drop-down list box (D: ...) Next, the system automatically searches for and installs the sound card driver in the location you specify. The drive Wizard is recommended here

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