Computer often will be card screen shutdown how to solve

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computer often will be card screen shutdown how to solve

The computer will often card screen shutdown solution One

Use computer software to help optimize your computer. Personal advice to install a computer butler. There are garbage clean-up, computer acceleration, repair loopholes and other functions.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a computer clinic, can find a fault with their own computer, a key repair can be. Is it convenient? Do it all over again, and you'll find that the computer is a lot smoother.

The computer will often card screen shutdown solution Two

1, first check is not a hardware problem, respectively, check the power supply, memory CPU, fan, in the process of inspection to be careful to operate, remember not to Senra those line.

2, and then check if the virus is caused by Trojan Horse, please download the Golden Hill Guardian Trojan killing. After entering the main interface of Jinshan Guardian, click to enter "Killing Trojan".

3, Next click on the "Quick Scan" to enter the main interface of Jinshan defender "garbage clean-up" work, and then click "Start immediately" can be.

4. Right-click the disk letter you need to defragment-Properties-Tools-click the "Start Check" button in the "Error Checking" tab bar, pop-up window, check "Automatic repair System file Error", click "Start", pop-up window, click "Yes (Y)", and then restart the computer.

5, the boot process will automatically detect and repair disk errors, at this time to wait patiently, detect repair and start to the desktop, then perform disk defragmentation can be.

6, the next check is not a misuse of some beta software, pirated software caused, if it is the relevant pirated software uninstall off.

7, testing is not excessive temperature caused by hardware, if it is recommended to clean up the dust box. First download Jinshan Guardian, open the Guardian main interface of the "Reload system" label.

8, and then switch to the "Hardware detection" function, automatically help you detect the current computer hardware device details and current hardware device current temperature is how much, when your hardware temperature reached a dangerous value, the temperature of the digital color will become more and more red.

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