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Now our computer account password more and more, sometimes their own arbitrary password or not commonly used passwords, inadvertently forgotten, people very headache. Small knitting here to forget all kinds of computer password solution, contains a variety of decryption and retrieve password method, no longer need to forget the password and worry ~!

One, forgotten the QQ/ICQ password: to protect QQ password, you should quickly apply for password protection. If you forget the QQ password, or password stolen, just use the password protection to fill out the correct information can be retrieved. If you want to retrieve the ICQ password, you can use the software ICQ Password Revealer, this is a DOS command line utility, you only need to execute the file in the Newdb subfolder of the ICQ installation folder, and then follow the on-screen prompts to enter your own UIn, the system will find "long-lost "The ICQ password.

Second, forget the RAR compression package: password forgotten rar Compressed package password, you can download a crark software to crack it, it mainly through the command line to implement the RAR compressed packet password to crack. In general, you only need to use the "Crark RAR compressed package file name" command, using the default parameters can be cracked.

Third, forgotten the WinZip compression package password

Workaround: Use software uzpc (Ultra Zip Password cracker) to retrieve the missing password. When you use the software, you must first set the appropriate decryption method, for example, "Backdoor way", "exhaustive Way", "Dictionary method" and "Pattern match way" and so on, generally adopt "brute force", and then the software will test all possible passwords until the final result is found.

Four, forgotten the Outlook Express password

If you forget your password, you can't go to Outlook Express read incoming mail, use address book, etc., you can break: Restart the computer and press F8, select "Safe Mode", then start OE will not need a password, and then you can rebuild a user (cannot modify the password), Import the information into the new user's mailbox.

V. Forgotten the Foxmail account password

Workaround: Eliminate the Forgotten foxmail account password. Open Foxmail First, create a new account (with any account name, such as LACL1), and then Exit Foxmail, run Windows Explorer, locate the FOXMAILMAILLACL1 folder, and there is a "ACCOUNT.STG" inside. Copy it to the Forgotten password account (such as "Lacl") directory, directly overwrite the original "Account.stg" file, and then rerun the Foxmail, open the account of the forgotten password, oh, how even "Password Prompt box" also did not? Now you can open the account that forgets the password directly, And the original mail in the account is not less!

Six, forgotten the system password

If you forget the CMOS settings in the system password, you will not be able to start the machine, the solution can only be: Open the chassis, the battery down, positive and negative short connection, to the CMOS discharge, clear all the contents of the CMOS (and of course, including the password), and then reset the boot. Note: Some motherboards have the CMOS password removal jumper set up, please refer to the motherboard manual to shorten the jumper, so you can also clear the CMOS password.

Seven, forgotten the Windows login password: Boot windows, enter the Welcome interface, will appear to enter the user name password prompt box, this time, while holding down Ctrl+alt+delete, will jump out of an account window, enter the user name: Administer, press ENTER.

If the Administer account also has a password:

1, start Win7 system is holding F8

2. Select "Safe Mode with command line"

3, choose "Administrator" Out of the "Command Prompt" window

4, Add Users: NET user Asd/add

5, L admin: net localgroup Administrators Asd/add

6, restart, select ASD entry

7, Control Panel----user account----Forget password users--delete the secret?

Forgot password, but has logged in to the system:

1. In the Start menu, enter MMC in the search box. Eⅹe ", or hold Win+r

2, open the Run window input MMC. Eⅹe ", click OK to enter the console

3, turn on "file"-"Add/Remove Snap-in"

4. Locate local Users and groups in the available snap-in on the left, click Add-Finish, and then click OK

5. Expand the Local Users and groups in the Console root node, select Users, right-click on the right user name, "Set password", do not need to fill in the original password

Forgot password, unable to log into system

1, find a PE disk to start the computer

2, after entering the PE to C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32

(1) Change magnify.eⅹe and CMD. The owner of the eⅹe is: Administrators

(2) Change magnify.eⅹe and CMD. Eⅹe permissions administrators for Full Control

(3) renamed Magnify.eⅹe for Magnify.eⅹe1 renamed CMD. Eⅹe for Magnify.eⅹe

3. Change Password

(1) Reboot to Windows 7

(2) Enable Magnifier

(3) The rest is very simple, enter the command "NET user" to view the user name, and then enter the command "NET user username new password" can be. (Activate administrator account to use NET user Administrator/active:yes) finally shut down the command Prompt window, in the Login password box to enter the new password just set, see, is not successful into the system! Finally, don't forget to change the files that you moved and renamed before!

Eight, forgotten the Windows screensaver password solution

Press F8 after power-on, select Safe Mode to start, after entering Windows, right click on desktop space, choose "Properties"/Screen protection from pop-up shortcut menu, and remove "password protection".

Nine, forgotten the Windows Power Management password

The power management feature of Windows can also set a password that, when enabled, requires a password when the system returns from an energy-saving state. If you forget the password, you can use the previous method to crack Windows login password to crack.

I believe you just learn these several methods, for the future of the computer password to remove the problem should be easy to operate things, so we encountered similar problems when the first thing to do is calm thinking, think about our methods! Of course, all the problems will be solved!

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