Computer-related "tricks and tricks"

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Computer-related "tricks and tricks"

  • All possible settings: Create a folder and name it"Some_name. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}", Open all the settings windows for this computer [all the settings windows are in the Desktop Folder]

  • Double-click to lock the computer:Create a shortcut on the desktop and enter"Rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation", Click Next, name it as the name you want, and then click" finish ". To lock your computer in the future, as longDouble-click the red boxJust say goodbye to Win + L.
  • Expand sendto (right-click to send ):Run"Shell: sendto". Create a new target folder, and send the folder shortcut to an obvious location.
  • To view the reliability and history of your computer, Windows has a built-inReliability Monitor. Enter"Reliability"You can see [This is very useful when purchasing a new computer]
  • Save image: when saving a Web page, you can drag the picture to the desktop preview in the lower right corner by pressing the left button, and then you can put the picture on the desktop.

  • Remove folder names. Create a folder and pressAlt + 0160 (keypad number ),In this way, the folder does not seem to have a name.

  • Change icon: Right-click the folder, choose Properties> Custom> change icon> browse> find the location of the icon and select the application. You can also select a blank icon to "disappear"

  • Alt + double-click to View File properties alt + Enter

  • Ctrl + shift + n: Create a folder in the Resource Manager (in the Save As and save window ).
  • Batch rename: select the files you want to rename. Press F2. Rename the first file and press Enter. All files will be renamed and ending brackets will be added to this name

  • On the desktop or in any folder,SHIFT + right-clickTo open the doscommand window in the current path.
  • On the desktop or in any folder,CTRL + left mouse button, Drag files and folders to immediately generate a copy of the file.
  • Double-clickClose any window in the upper left corner.

  • Step RECORDER: In the Start MenuRun the "psr" command"Click "start record", and each step of your operations, including the mouse or any other related operations, will be recorded. Run mip and mathematical formula panel

  • When selecting text, you can place the cursor at the starting point of the text to be copied, hold down shift, and then click the end point of the text to be copied, you will find that all the text to be copied is selected.
  • Modify the default location of the library directory:Open my computer and some default folders will be displayed, such as documents, right-click, properties, and click location. You can change or add different folders.
  • Set shortcuts:Take QQ as an example. Right-click the shortcut menu and add the shortcut key you want to set.
  • Set Timed Shutdown:Win key + R and run cmd. Take shutdown after 1 hour as an example. Enter shutdown-s-t 3600 in the Command box that appears and press enter (3600 is 3600 seconds, note space ), the command to cancel Timed shutdown is shutdown-.
  • When the Office file is not opened, quickly copy the text to another opened word.
  • Press Ctrl + C to copy the Word file that you have not opened, and press Ctrl + V in the opened Word to paste it. The document will appear in the form of an image.
  • CMDCan also: full screen display, left-click drag selection, Enter copy, right-click and paste:Select the CMD window, alt + space, and then press D, the "Console window properties"/"options" tab appears-> edit options-> check the "quick edit mode"/"layout" tab-> screen buffer size-> set the width to "168 ""(the number of 14-inch 1366*768 laptops is exactly the same, set other dimensions as needed)/OK and restart CMD
  • On the Right of the taskbarYou can add folders in the toolbar., Put common software shortcuts in the folder, which is very convenient to start
  • Press Ctrl to select multiple files, select a file, hold down shift, and click a file to select all files in the two files +
  • Middle mouse buttons:

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