Computer skills: How to change file types

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Computer skills: How to change file types

How to change file types

1, since the operation of the file, it should be in the file manager. Open Explorer to find a file. Here I take a picture file as an example, as shown here, this is a picture file. The name below the file is a string of characters, no formatting. The first thing we have to do is to show the format.

2, click the toolbar in the menu bar above the Explorer and click the folder option.

3. Switch to view tab in Folder Options. Then drag the right slider down in the View tab to find the position that the arrow refers to, that is, to hide the file name extension, which is the format.

4, deselect it and click OK button to exit. At this point, all the files will be followed by an extension, that is, the format of the file, we can modify it arbitrarily.

5, back to the picture file just now. We found that there was a dot and three letters in the back of the filename, JPG, which is the format of the picture file.

6, now we click on this file name, turned blue and then click, so that the file name in a modifiable state, and then select the following JPG, the JPG modified to MP3.

7, the modification is completed, click Enter, at this time will appear a prompt, said that after the modification file is not used. This you know on the line, click to confirm the change.

8, OK, we have modified the file extension, the file type changed, from a picture file into a music file. Of course, this music file is not open normally. It was also until a cover-up took effect. If you want to reply to this picture file, just change to JPG again.

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