Computer-speed filtering WIN8 system services from boot

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First, we need to get into the admin interface of the system service: Open the "Win+x" menu and click "Computer Management", or open File Explorer, right-click "Computer" and choose "Manage".

Access to the Computer Management window

then expand services and applications in the left navigation window and click Services, so you can see all the Windows backend services.

Expand Services List

How to change a service: Double-click the service name, locate the startup type in the open window, and then "manually" the Drop-down option (as shown below). Why not change it to disabled? Because these services are not no longer needed, they do not have to be started with the system each time, and manual does not affect the normal startup when it needs to be used.

Change to Manual start

The following are services that can be safely changed to start manually (sorted by name):

· Application experience (Application compatibility cache request is processed for the program at startup)

· Computer Browser (maintains a list of updates for computers on the network and can be manually replaced without networking)

· Diagnostic Policy Service (Diagnostic policy Services)

· Distributed Link Tracking Client (maintains links between NTFS files within the computer)

· IP Helper (using IPV6 conversion technology)

· Offline Files (offline file service)

· Program Compatibility Assistant Service (support for Application Compatibility Assistant)

· Portable Device Enumerator Service (Group Policy that enforces removable mass storage devices)

· Print Spooler (You can turn it off without a printer)

· Sqlremote Registry (Remote registry settings, this service should remain disabled)

· Secondary logon (enabling the boot process under different credentials, manually, disabling can cause games like World of Warcraft to not log in)

· Security Center (monitor and report on the health settings on your computer)

· Server (support the computer to share through the network, if in a stand-alone state, you can change to manual)

· TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (provides NetBIOS name resolution support, if your computer is not connected to a workgroup network, you can change to manual)

· Windows Error Reporting Service (reporting errors and providing existing solutions)

· Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (provides image capture services for scanners and cameras)

· Windows Search (provides content indexing, if you do not use Windows with your own search, you can change manually)

· Windows time (Maintenance times and date synchronization)

Finally, if you change the above service and find that the system or other software is not working properly, you can restore the original settings.

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