Computer WLAN automatic login how to cancel

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method One: Use command line to get the login interface to appear again

1, this command is very simple, only need to enter a few letters at the command prompt, it is done immediately.

First, make sure that the wireless network is a connected state.

2, then need is to open the black box (Command Prompt),

There are a lot of open methods here, just the simplest: start-attachment-command prompt.

3. Input: Ipconfig/release

As the name suggests, release, and then press ENTER.

4, at this point, the wireless network is disconnected, reconnect cmcc-edu, this time, you can open the login interface.

This method also allows the WLAN to not automatically connect when it is powered on.

  Method Two: When restarting the computer, lets the WLAN not automatically log on

1, first determine exactly which WLAN to link to, and so on it links, will be "automatic connection" before the check mark removed.

2, this method can let the WLAN does not automatically log on, but if the network is connected artificially, still directly connected to the network, without the login interface. It is recommended that the first method be used.

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