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The Python language may be the first, simple and powerful programming language. It is not only suitable for beginners, but also suitable for professional use, and more importantly, programming with Python is a pleasant thing. It will help you learn this wonderful language and show you how to accomplish the task quickly and easily-really "the perfect solution for programming problems!" ”

Readers of this book

This book can be used as a guide or tutorial for the Python programming language. It's primarily designed for beginners, but it's also useful for experienced programmers.

Even if your understanding of computers is just how to save text files on your computer, you can learn Python through this book. If you have programming experience, you can also use this book to learn Python.

If you have previous programming experience, you will be interested in the difference between the Python language and other programming languages you love. I have pointed out many of these differences for you. By the way, Python will soon be your favorite programming language!

The origin of the book

My initial contact with Python was when I needed to write a setup program for my software diamond to facilitate the installation process. I have to choose a binding qt library in the Python and Perl languages. I did some research on the internet and found an article by accident. That's Eric S. Raymond (a famous computer whiz) talking about how Python became an article in its favorite programming language. I also found that pyqt bindings were much better than PERL-QT, so I chose the Python language.

Then I started looking for a good book on Python. I can't even find it! Although I have found some o ' Reilly's books, they are not too expensive to be like a reference manual rather than a guide. I ended up using the documentation that came with Python, but it was too simplistic. That document really gives a good idea of python, but it's not comprehensive enough. Although I finally mastered the document based on my previous programming experience, I felt it was completely inappropriate for beginners.

About six months after I first used the Python language, I installed the latest Red Hat 9.0 Linux. When I was playing with the KWord app, I suddenly wanted to write something about Python. Soon I wrote more than 30 pages, and then I began to seriously try to turn it into a complete book. After many improvements and rewriting, it has finally become a useful complete guide to the Python language learning. I'm giving the book to the Open-source software people.

This book comes from my personal study of Python notes, but I try to make it more suitable for other people's tastes.

Inspired by the spirit of open source, I received a number of constructive suggestions and criticisms and feedback from enthusiastic readers, which made the book even better.

The current state of the book

This book is still in the process of further improvement. Many chapters have been modified frequently. However, the book is very mature, you can easily learn python through it. If you think there is anything wrong or difficult to understand in this book, please let me know.

The book plans to add more chapters in the future, including wxpython,twisted, and possibly even Boa constructor.

The official website of this book is. You can read this book online, download the latest version of the book or give me feedback.

Agreed terms

This book (original) is published in accordance with the Creative Commons agreement (signature-non-commercial work-consistent). Simply put, you can copy, distribute, and display the book for free, as long as you have my name on the department. You are prohibited from using this book for commercial purposes without my permission. When you modify this book, you must clearly indicate all the changes made, and you must follow the same agreement as the book when you publish the modified work.

Visit the full text of the Web site browsing Agreement for the Authoring Common Convention, or view a simple and understandable contract description. There is also a comic-book interpretation of the terms of the agreement.


I did a lot of good to make this book lively and as accurate as possible. However, if you find anything less satisfying or wrong, or where improvements are needed, please let me know so that I can correct them. You can send them through to me.

Something worth thinking about.

There are two ways to build software design: One is to make the software so simple that it is obvious that there is no flaw, and the other is to make it so complex that it cannot find obvious flaws.

--C.A.R. Hoare

The focus and perseverance needed to achieve success in life are more than genius and opportunity.

--C.W. Wendte

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