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Friday, the translation of this time to commemorate the past week. See the weather suddenly so hot up, sitting in the air conditioning tuyere less than a meter away, the whole body warm, eyes also seem to have if nothing blurred up, this is to make that.

There are two flashed this week. One is finally not to go home every day has been in the iOS Wow factor a book translation work, the specific situation in the next article will be muttered. The second is the company ued new director's arrival. Seeing some hope in it, both of these things are so. Let's come to the point.

Simplicity, not equal to simplicity. This is the truth with playing the piano, you may have the ability to play fast, but you don't need to play all the way so fast. In many cases, it is more difficult to slow down than to play fast. In fact, the taste is often most reflected in the calm nature, soothing insipid rhythm. And then into the original author personality; I found myself to a large extent a dummy system.

Simple Web page design style is one of the current trends in the circle. In this article, we will first analyze the most representative elements of such a style, and then I will share some of the practical skills in the work.

Concise style of creative elements

Fixed-width page layout structure

Take the time to look at some neat web sites and you'll find that most of them are useful for a well planned grid layout system. If a friend is not familiar with the grid layout, imagine, before embarking on the actual visual design work, using guides to divide the page into a number of equal-width columns, in this way, the page structure and the layout of the elements more accurate planning. The grid layout can make the information structure in the design scheme clearer and have a strong sense of rhythm and consistency.

Fixed-width grid layout structure can bring order and efficiency to the page. For example, although the page layouts in the creative review vary according to the type of content, the browsing experience we can feel is quite consistent because the pages are designed based on the same set of grid layout frameworks. The following figure shows the home page and about pages of his home:

It is even more difficult to create a simple page design for a Web site that requires a large amount of content to be presented in an online magazine or newspaper. But the British Guardian (the Guardian) and some of the same types of online newspaper sites have shown us the feasibility of implementing a simple design with a fixed-width grid layout:

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If you don't use a fixed-width layout to organize the content, you can almost say that the home page will be a mess. However, with the help of grid layout, the white and hierarchical relationships between modules are quite clear, and the robustness of the whole content structure has been improved.

The following two articles can help you better understand and practice the concept of grid layout:

A Brief Look at the grid-based Layouts in Web design

The 960 Grid System Made Easy

Also is not what new concept, the domestic good article also quite many, has the desire schoolmate to be able to feed oneself--the translator C7210 the note.

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