Configure adb for mac and adb for mac

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Configure adb for mac and adb for mac

The blogger recently used a macbook and made android development much better. The speed of program compilation really made me feel great, especially when I used windows to start eclipse for several minutes, it took a long time to compile, but I used mac to find that adb didn't know how to configure it. I seldom studied non-windows systems before, so I had to refer to the search engine, finally, the configuration is successful. In fact, it is very simple, just a few command lines.

1. Open the terminal and enter the following commands in sequence:

cd ~touch .bash_profileopen -e .bash_profile

2. In this case, a blank document will be opened in TextEdit and the following command line (/XXX/platflom-tools/file path for your adb) will be added ):

export PATH=${PATH}:/XXX/XXX/platflom-tools/

3. Save and exit TextEdit, close the terminal, and exit

After the above steps, we have configured the environment variables of adb and fastboot. Then we will test it. First, connect to your mobile phone and make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the mobile phone. Enter at the terminal:

adb devices
Press enter. If your mobile phone identification code is returned, the configuration is successful (Android or later versions require verification on the mobile phone end )!

How to Use adb or DDMS to connect Xiaomi 2 S on Mac OSX for debugging

Many people have said whether a driver is required. In fact, USB drivers must be installed only on Windows, which is not required on Linux and OSX, the reason why the Xiaomi 2 S mobile phone cannot be set is that adb does not know the USB Vendor ID of the mobile phone. Check the vendor ID list on the official Android Using Hardware Devices page, which shows manufacturers such as Samsung,and HTC, but there is no Xiaomi (it seems that Xiaomi still needs to enter this big list ). I checked the relevant information and said that the Vendor ID of Xiaomi's 2 s is 0x2717 (how to check it). Next I will explain how to solve the problem that adb cannot connect to Xiaomi's 2 s, which is actually very simple, write the Vendor ID as a separate row ~ The/. android/adb_usb.ini file is ready. Take a look at the steps below. Step 1: Add adb path. First, make sure that your adb PATH already exists. If not, use ice @ mac :~ > Vim. bash_profile: add your adb to the PATH. Note that the/Developer/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/here is mine. You need to replace it with your own. 1 export PATH =$ {PATH}:/Developer/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/Step 2: Write the Vendor ID and then write the Vendor ID ~ /. Android/adb_usb.ini. (If this file does not exist, you can create one by yourself.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8ice @ mac :~ /. Android> ll total 96-rw-r -- 1 ice staff 7 Jun 1 adb_usb.ini ice @ mac :~ /. Android> echo "0x2717"> ~ /. Android/adb_usb.ini ice @ mac :~ /. Android> cat adb_usb.ini 0x2717 Step 3: restart adb sever to open a terminal window and enter adb kill-server to restart adb sever, then a confirmation will pop up on the mobile phone to see the device, as shown below: Confirm debugging to view the device

My mac cannot be installed with adb

The latest method to crack the star speed 3.3 is very easy to use. You can see how to use it at a Glance. The following is a simple description of the cracking steps: Step 1: Install the star speed 3.3 dial-up software. Step 2: renew ". Step 3: do not close the just-Run "password viewer", and then use the 3.2 to dial. Step 4: upload an adslpass.txt file to the C drive after the dial is successful. The encrypted account and password are stored in it. If you use the XP built-in dialing program, you still need to use the external cat for Route dialing. Remember to use the external cat to dial the number of China Telecom 10000, release the account. If it is a vro, do not release the account. Clone the MAC address and then dial up. You do not need to call China Telecom 10000 to release the account. When using this software, disable anti-virus software !!!!!!!!!! Personal testing is fully effective !!!!

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