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Simple Installation of Apache2, PHP5, MYSQL5, and Zend in Windows XP

1. Download address:

Zend2.5.2: Pid = 13]

I won't even mention the software installation. Only the zip package under PHP can be decompressed directly.

The installation sequence is the sequence listed above. Zend is installed only after all running tasks are complete.

II. Simple installation process:

(1) Apache:
The installation of Apache2.0.50 is very simple. I directly mounted it to the root directory of the E disk (I use the C disk as the system disk and the D disk as the temp disk, occasionally, using a partition in windows to store temporary files does not affect the system speed. This can improve the system running speed. If you are interested, try it ), after installation, my apache Directory is E: apache2.

(2) PHP:
I directly decompress the package and put it under the php Directory of the E disk, which makes it much easier to find the file.

(3) Mysql:
Directly mounted to E: mysql. Its default directory is too long. It is stored on drive C. Even drive C is not stored except windows files.

(4) Zend:
After all the debugging operations are normal, I mounted Zend to E: program fileszend.

III. Configuration process:

(1) http. conf

I have changed this file to several places:
Run PHP directly as a module of apache. I added two sentences to it:

CODE: [Copy to clipboard]
LoadModule php5_module "E:/php/php5apache2. dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php. php

I created a www directory under the E: apache2 directory to store my site files. In http. conf, I changed the following sentence:
Change DocumentRoot "E:/Apache2/htdocs" to DocumentRoot "E:/Apache2/www"

Compared with 1.3.x, Apache2.0.x cannot directly list directories by default. If you feel uncomfortable, you can change it:
Run the following statement under DocumentRoot "E:/Apache2/www":

CODE: [Copy to clipboard]

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
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