Configure apachesolr in ubuntu and integrate the Drupal search api solr module

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Install tomcat:

The code is as follows: Copy code

Apt-get update
Apt-get install tomcat6 tomcat6-admin

Download and install apachesolr:

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Tar-vxf solr-4.7.2.tgz
Cp solr-4.4.0/example/webapps/solr. war/opt/solr/
Cp-r solr-4.4.0/example/lib/ext/*/var/lib/tomcat6/shared/

Edit the apachesolr configuration file:

The code is as follows: Copy code

Vi/opt/solr/collection1/conf/solrconfig. xml

The "dataDir" parameter uses the following values:

<DataDir >$ {solr. data. dir:/opt/solr/data} </dataDir>

Change folder permissions:

The code is as follows: Copy code

Chown tomcat6/opt/solr/data/
Chmod 777/opt/solor/data/

---- Apachesolr server configuration ends now ----------
Download and install Drupal's search api module and search api solr module. The process is not described in detail.
Copy the configuration file about apachesolr that comes with the search api solr module to the following path: (it is best to back up the file before copying)

The code is as follows: Copy code

Cp solr-conf/4.x/ */opt/solr/collection1/conf/

If you are prompted to overwrite the data, overwrite all data.
Restart the tomcat service:

The code is as follows: Copy code

Service tomcat6 restart

So far, the apachesolr server configuration is complete.
If you are not a ubuntu system, you can also find clues from the above configuration process.

Next time, let's take a short look at how to configure the search api solr module so that the website can use the apachesolr engine to search for your website content.

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