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After the new server (CentOS 6.3) compiles and installs the php-5.4.8, and then configures the php.ini and httpd.conf, the command executes/USR/LOCAL/APACHE2/BIN/APACHECTL when the apache-2.4.3 is started When start, Tip:

Httpd:syntax error on line 146 Of/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:cannot load/usr/local/apache/modules/ to serve R:/usr/local/apache/modules/ symbol:zend_parse_parameters

Found by search, said to be missing bison.

If you find that Bison is not installed by Rpm-qa|grep Bison, install bison. CentOS can be used with Yum install Bison

But I have found that bison-2.4.1 has been installed. Finally, there is no way to download the bison-2.5 RPM package to install directly.

[Root@localhost ~]#  wget [root@localhost ~]#  TAR-ZXVF bison-2.5.tar.gz [root@localhost ~]#  cd bison-2.5 [root@localhost ~]#  ./configure [  root@localhost ~]# Make && make install

And then recompile the PHP installation. Then/usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl start to launch Apache. The surprise discovery can start normally, test the next PHP Web page, can be accessed normally.

I heard that others will report the following error, I also write it together.

When the command executes/USR/LOCAL/APACHE2/BIN/APACHECTL start, the error message is as follows:

Httpd:syntax error on line 146 Of/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf:cannot load/usr/local/apache/modules/ in To server:/usr/local/apache/modules/ Restore segment prot after Reloc:permission denied

This is caused by the SELinux protection mode. There are 2 ways to solve this problem.

First: Permanently turn off SELinux protection mode (not recommended, risk to the server)

[Root@localhost ~]#  

Change Selinux=enforcing to Selinux=disabled

Save the reboot system.

Second method: Temporarily turn off SELinux mode
[root@localhost ~]#   setenforce 0 [root@localhost ~]#  chcon-c-v-r-u system_u-r object_r-t textrel_shlib_t/us R/local/apache/modules/

If the above command is an error, you can try this chcon-t texrel_shlib_t/usr/local/apache/modules/

If there are any errors, please use the Help to write the commands according to the help.

[Root@localhost ~]#  service httpd restart [root@localhost ~]#  Setenforce 1
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