Configure VMware virtual machines to bypass campus network to achieve wireless Internet configuration method

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because you usually use a tool like VMware to surf the web, but I am a student dog, the student dog in the school will face the university cancer Software-Ruijie, and Ruijie is not allowed to have the existence of virtual network card, so the internet can only use WiFi. before trying for a long time, anyway is how open can not open the Internet, in the Internet can not find the data are not mentioned these (estimated to be directly connected with the network cable open NAT, that is really able to surf the internet), here say it, in fact, the steps are quite simple:

  1. First, the VM with the virtual adapter is all canceled (not to do so, no way to share the network), and then in the preset two types of configuration, choose one, select "Use native DHCP service to assign IP address to virtual machine", and select Nat Mode (Note that all configurations can have only one NAT mode). (Note that it's not over yet, wait and come back to configure something else).

  2. In the virtual machine's network adapter settings Select the vmnet you just configured.


 3. Click on the wireless network settings, check the status, only look at the IPV4 subnet (red box), with yellow frame number, copy down (different network this number is not the same, if it is the campus network this number may change in a few months). Also note the last one of the default gateways for IPV4 (typically 1).

4. Once again enter the 1 screen, as shown, the third number of the network IP to 3 of the yellow box number.

5. Click the NAT setting to change the last number of the gateway IP to the last one seen on the wireless network just now.


After the above steps, the virtual machine's network has been NAT-shared with the host and passed the same gateway. In the virtual machine can be normal online ~

Configure VMware virtual machines to bypass campus network to achieve wireless Internet configuration method

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