Configure Windows Media Service Streaming Media Server

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I haven't published any articles for a long time. The articles here are a little shelved, but I am still diving. Because some recently developed technologies are really not suitable for blog Subtitles (from web development to server maintenance), I am sorry to post some articles irrelevant to technology to the blog garden.

Let's talk about how to use Windows Media Service (WMS) to build a Streaming Media Server. This is because there are too few materials on the Internet, so I hope it will help beginners, next, I will gradually discuss some of my experiences in using WMS, and I also want to ask you a problem that has not been solved these days. This question will be raised at the end of the article. I hope the experts can give some advice. Configure WMS.

1. The following operations are performed on the basis of the Basic installation of Windows Media Service. (If your server does not have this service, install it in add or delete Windows Components .)

Today, we will focus on how to create a single broadcast distribution. (What is unicast or multicasting? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages and applicable scenarios? If you want to know about it right away, please google it. If you have enough patience, I will introduce it in detail in the following articles .)

2. Add new distribution points,

If you are not a master, set it according to the wizard. (The prompt is a bit misleading. Please note that the Wizard is not selected !)

(Take Care Of the original beginners. WMS can be seen in the right-click Management of the computer .)

3. Change the release point name,

4. Set the content type:

Pay attention to this step for live streaming media, but you don't have to worry about it. Let's take the steps as shown in the figure.

5. Set the release point type:

6. Select the video storage directory address.,

7. Set the playback mode of the playback content:

You can select different Playback modes as needed.

8. Set logging:

I suggest you check this check box, because if a user access error occurs, or a publishing point error occurs, this log record is the only source for your search for evidence. The log contains the IP address, file, port number, traffic, and other information of the accessed user.

9. continue to the next step,This will list all the important projects you have selected, confirm and click Next.

10. The add release point wizard is being completed,The basic content of the release point is complete. However, if you still need to create an announcement file or webpage after adding the release point, this is the default content of the system) or create a package playlist, or two creation Wizard will take you to the project you selected to continue creating. Today, to make it simple, deselect the check box after the Wizard is completed and click Finish.

To confirm that your settings are successful, click the release point you just created to test whether your server is available on the source tab. Double-click the file in the list below. If a test stream window is displayed and the player in it can play a video, congratulations! Your Streaming Media Server is ready for use. Share the above address with your friends, haha.

This is the end of the question! In WMS troubleshooting, the warning "restriction" is displayed, and the error description is "Connection Confirmation exceeds the limit". Please kindly advise and be grateful.

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