Configure WU-FTP servers in Linux

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Article Title: configure the WU-FTP server in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

Among many network applications, File Transfer porotocol plays an important role. Software resources are a very important resource on the Internet. Most of the various software resources are stored on the FTP server. FTP and WEB services occupy more than 80% of Internet applications.

The FTP service can be divided into two categories based on different service objects: one is the system FTP Server, which only allows valid users on the system to use; the other is the Anonymous FTP Server, Anonymous FTP Server, it can be used by anyone to log on to the FTP server to obtain files.

1. Select and install FTP server software

If you select "ftpd" when selecting to start the process during LINUX installation, after installing the LINUX system, it has installed a default FTP server to the system. We can use it to implement the functions of the system FTP server. We only need to customize the settings based on our needs.

In most LINUX releases, mongoingtonuniversity FTP is used. It is a famous FTP server software, generally referred to as wu-ftp. It is powerful and can run well on many UNIX operating systems, such as ibm AIX, FreeBSD, hp-UX, NeXTstep, Dynix, SunOS, and Solaris. More than half of FTP servers on the Internet use it. Wu-ftp has many powerful functions and is suitable for the management requirements of FTP servers with high throughput:

1) The user can automatically compress or decompress the file while downloading the file;

2) Different access restrictions can be imposed on machines on different networks;

3) records the upload and download times of files;

4) information about transmission can be displayed, so that you can understand the current transmission status in a timely manner;

5) You can set the maximum number of connections to improve efficiency and effectively control the load.

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