Configuring Apache Virtual machine Solutions under Linux

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Configuring Apache virtual machines under Linux
First I install Apache under Linux in the way of source code, I want to configure a virtual machine like under Windows with a different domain name can be located in the site root directory. People who have done it should be able to understand that the following is my configuration under Linux:

Depending on the configuration above, I change the path of the DocumentRoot and then with the IP is来 access, then you can navigate to a different site root, and then my URL rewrite also played a role, but when I was configured by the ServerName that is to access, not access to the local and is to visit a site to the outside network up, do not know what can be implemented with their own configuration of the ServerName to achieve local access? Would you please help me ...?

It can be implemented under windows by modifying the Hosts file, but I don't know what to do with Linux ....

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Linux can also be modified under the Hosts file, but there is no use, you test it yourself.
You say the visit is where the access, only you configure the host machine to access the effective OH.

DocumentRoot "E:/appserv/www/web"
Errorlog "Logs/error.log"

Linux Modify Hosts
Linux can also be configured under the hosts, directly vi/etc/hosts add the corresponding IP and virtual domain name can be
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