Configuring Oracle that supports distributed transactions under MTS

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1. According to Q193893, we need to build two views within Oracle.

Information about using Oracle with Microsoft Transaction Server and COM + components

Based on our past experience, we can try to run Oracle's own scripts with the SYS account. The default path for the script is:


Please run the script in SQL Plus.

2. The above command will create two views. We also need to manually add public permissions to these two newly established views:

Sql>grant Select on v$xatrans$ to public with GRANT option;

Sql>grant Select on v$pending_xatrans$ to public with GRANT option;

Sql>grant Select any table to public;

The above operation is done on the computer where the Oracle database resides. The following actions are performed on a computer that deploys a COM + component:

1. According to Q193893, we need to revise the registry:


"OracleXaLib" = "Oraclient9.dll"

"OracleSqlLib" = "Orasql9.dll"

"OracleOciLib" = "Oci.dll"

If it is Windows 2003 or Windows XP2, we also need to build:


Then add the name:

The Mtxoci.dll string key, which reads:


2. If you are on Windows 2003 or Windows XP, we need to set the appropriate permissions for the MSDTC account. MSDTC runs under the Network Service account. Please add the Network Service account to the Administrators group.

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