Configuring SVN under Linux

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1. Install SVN

Yum-y Install Subversion

2. Create SVN repository Directory


(-P parameter: If this directory is not available, create this directory)

3. Create a version library

Svnadmin Create/var/svn/svnrepos

4. Enter/var/svn/svnrepos/svnserve.conf

Open a few notes below:
Anon-access = Read #匿名用户可读
auth-access = Write #授权用户可写
Password-db = passwd #使用哪个文件作为账号文件
Authz-db = Authz #使用哪个文件作为权限文件
Realm =/var/svn/svnrepos # certified space name, repository directory

5. Start the SVN repository


6. Set the account password

VI passwd
Add users and passwords to the [users] block in the format: Account number = password, such as cly=123

7. Set permissions
VI Authz
Add the following code at the end:
It means that the repository's root directory Dan has read and write permissions, and W only reads permissions.

So set it down, SVN's address is "svn://Server IP address/svnrepos"

Configuring SVN under Linux

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