Configuring the Apache Server (wampserver)

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Note: The Chinese language cannot appear in all directoriesFirst, install 1. Download the Wampserver installation package. 2. Fool Install (next), Pop up a dialog box in the middle to select the default browser, ignore. 3. Pop up a dialog box again, let's enter the information such as email, click Next directly. 4. Tick the direct start, Finish (complete installation). 5. If the icon turns green after startup, the installation is successful. II. configuration 1. Locate the installation directory Wamp>bin>apache>apache2.2.21>conf>httpd.conf file 2. Open the httpd.conf file with the editor, CTRL + F Search DocumentRoot, the path behind the 178th line is the default root of the site: DocumentRoot "d:/wamp/www" 3. On the 188th line of the httpd.conf file,<directory/> The bottom row of the </Directory> tag has a deny from all to allow from ALL4. About 233 lines, allow from All5. All configuration modifications complete save, restart Apache (left click, penultimate restart) 6. Close the firewall and access the server externally.Note: The index page is displayed by default, and the file directory structure is displayed if there is no index7. Configure the root directory to a specified folder. httpd.conf file 178th Row' d:/wamp/www ' changed to ' d:/www ', similarly, line No. 205 ' d:/wamp/www ' changed to ' d:/www '. Save the file. 8. Build a WWW folder in the D packing directory. 9. Restart Apache. 10. Place the files you want to access in the new WWW folder.

Configuring the Apache Server (wampserver)

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