Configuring the Ionic environment

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This blog is only suitable for Win7 system

Preparation has to be






  Note that all paths do not support Chinese

1. Install Jsk (JSVA environment)
Default installation location If the 32-bit operating system requires the installation of version 32bit JDK
C:\Program files\java\jdk1.8.0_111
Check the JDK version number by hitting the command in the terminal



2. Install the Android environment

The Fool tutorial Needless to say the important steps






If you want to remove the following check, you will be prompted every time you open it.

This is the creation of the simulator

When you're done, you can click on the Android-studio button to see the simulator.

3. The key step is heavy

Right--My computer--Advanced system settings--Advanced tab--environment variables--change user environment variables--new two environment variables--

Java_home C:\Program files\java\jdk1.8.0_66

Jre1.8.0_111 may not match the file to go to the folder (folder path is the path you install the Java environment) to see the SDK to match the value of the variable



To correspond to the folder where the SDK is placed

  Android_home C:\ANDROID\SDK


To add a user variable in the path path

This, even a path corresponds to the actual path read the guest to see in the path

PATH new C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools; C:\Android\sdk\tools

4. Use the command prompt to tap the command

EMULATOR-LIST-AVDS List of all simulators
Emulator @ Simulator name start simulator


Create a folder in the C drive Deom

Running NPM i ionic-g
NPM install-g cnpm--registry=
CNPM Install Cordova-g
CNPM Install Ionic-g

Ionic Start Project name (preferably capitalized) (the Ionic configuration file required by the project will be downloaded)

Then CD into the created folder
The default is Google Chrome to open the computer must have Google Chrome
Ionic serve default browser open need to configure open address
Ionic serve-w Chrome Google Open
Ionic serve-w chrome-l simultaneously open iOS and Android two styles



Running on the simulator depends on your character. I'm not wrong, but my colleague is configured to have a wonderful mistake in mourning, so I'm looking at character.
Add Android Operating platform: Ionic platform add
Compiled with: Ionic build Android
Run with Android emulator: Ionic emulate Android

My summary is so much if there is a problem and ask the big God message pointing twos


Configuring the Ionic environment

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