Configuring the Java EE Development environment and connection to the MySQL database under Eclipse

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Configuring the Java EE Development environment under eclipse

A. Configuring Tomcat windows-"Perferences->server->server runtime Environments->add ...

B.installes JREs, then click Add

The default standard VM is available, click Next, and then click Directory to select the path to the native JDK installation, finish.

Connection to the MySQL database

The thing to do with database connections is to use JDBC

The first thing to do is download jdbc, download it on the official website, and put its mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar into Lib in the JDK.

Add the address of the jar file that you just put in the classpath;

Build engineering tests in Eclipse,

In the right-click Project->properties->java Build path->libraries-> Select Add External

JDBC has three jobs.

The first one is the load driver,

The second one is the connection

The third is to send information to the database and accept the results of the return operation of the database

The following is a simple

String driver= "Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"; Driver Program

String url= "Jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/db_name"; The url,db_name of the connection is the database name

String username= "Username"; User name

String password= "Password"; Password

Class.forName (Driver). New Instance ();

Connection con=drivermanager.getconnection (Url,username,password);

Statement stm=con.createstatement ();

Stm.execute ("");

ResultSet rs=stm.executequery ("select * from 0);

Here's the code for the test:

Import java.sql.*;
public class Test
public static Connection getconnection () throws SQLException, ClassNotFoundException
String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/studentinfo?user=root&password=83394843";//generally you use this.
Class.forName ("Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver");//Load to DriverManager
String userName = "root";
String password = "83394843";
Connection con = drivermanager.getconnection (Url,username,password);
return con;
}//the entire function is used to build the connection
public static void Main (string[] args)
Connection con = getconnection ();
Statement sql = Con.createstatement ();
Sql.execute ("drop table if exists student");
Sql.execute ("CREATE TABLE student" (ID int not NULL auto_increment,name varchar (a) NOT null default ' name ', math int not nul L default 60,primary key (ID));
Sql.execute ("Insert student values (1, ' AAA ', ' 99 ')");
Sql.execute ("Insert student values (2, ' BBB ', ' 77 ')");
Sql.execute ("Insert student values (3, ' CCC ', ' 65 ')");
String query = "SELECT * from student";
ResultSet result = sql.executequery (query);
SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Student table data as follows:");
System.out.println ("---------------------------------");
System.out.println ("School Number" + "+" name "+" + "math Score");
System.out.println ("---------------------------------");
int number;
String name;
String Math;
while ( ())
Number = Result.getint ("id");
Name = result.getstring ("name");
Math = result.getstring ("math");
SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (number + "+ name +" "+ math);
Sql.close ();
Con.close ();
catch (Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException e)
System.err.println ("ClassNotFoundException:" + e.getmessage ());
catch (SQLException ex)
System.err.println ("SQLException:" + ex.getmessage ());

Configuring the Java EE Development environment and connection to the MySQL database under Eclipse

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