Configuring Tortoisehg in Mac

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The previous time decided to change the version Control tool cornerstone of the company iOS project group to TORTOISEHG. Using HG again with Connerstone is like being in the 21st century when we return to reform and opening up, all sorts of not adapt. So change for a change .... After a long time, so take the time now, write a blog record.

1. Tortoisehg:

You can also go directly to the official website to download the latest Mac version of TORTOISEHG

2. Open Access software after installation: File---> Settings

2. Click Edit File to enter

#用户名改为自己的username=YUSW [Tortoisehg]ui.language=Zh_cnvdiff=Vdiff_bcompeditor=/applications/sublime\\ text# The default visual comparison tool needs to be forced to specify [Extdiff] #kdiff3 in the Tortoisehg.vdiff, read-only, not editable; CMD.VDIFF_KDIFF3=/applications/ comare, editable, #要想每次能够正常比对, you must quit (quit) The app every time #this isThe main application. Only one copy would run at a time, regardless of how many windows has open. #If you launch a second copy it'll tell the existing copy to start a comparison and exit immediately. #打开后不等待关闭, return cmd directly . Vdiff_bcompare=/usr/local/bin/Bcompare#launch ThisProgram from a version control system #because it would wait forthe comparison to complete before returning. #打开后, wait for the app to exit before returning, especially if the version is merged, you must use this command Cmd.vdiff_bcomp=/usr/local/bin/bcomp# Default use priority top Tool [Merge-tools]merge_kdiff3.executable=/applications/ $Base$local $other-o $output--l1 $Base'[Base public parent version]'--l2 $local'[local native version]'--l3 $other'[Other versions]'merge_kdiff3.priority=1merge_bc.executable=/usr/local/bin/Bcompmerge_bc.args= $Base$other $local $outputmerge _bc.priority=0[Mq]secret= True

3. The above editing file has been configured with double-click comparison tool: Kdiff3 and beyond Compare and sublime Text. Tools can be downloaded and installed online to work with TORTOISEHG.

PS: If you have any questions, please leave a message or follow my Sina Weibo private messages!!!!

Configuring Tortoisehg in Mac

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