Configuring Uwsgi+nginx servers for Flask framework sites in Linux

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Configuring Uwsgi+nginx servers for Flask framework sites in Linux

There are myproject programs in the home/admin/directory with

1 Installing PIP

wget "HTTPS://PYPI.PYTHON.ORG/PACKAGES/SOURCE/P/PIP/PIP-1.5.4.TAR.GZ#MD5=834B2904F92D46AAA333267FB1C922BB"-- No-check-certificate

# TAR-XZVF Pip-1.5.4.tar.gz

# CD pip-1.5.4

# python Install

or Yum Installpip

2 Installing Nginx



TAR-ZXVF nginx-1.2.8.tar.gz

CD nginx-1.2.8

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/nginx


Make install

3 Installing UWSGI

Pip Install Uwsgi

Configure the Web server

Add Config.ini under the MyProject project file

Content is;


Socket = #注: Specify a fixed port

processes = 4 #注: Run a few processes, here with 4 processes

Threads = 2

Master = True

Pythonpath =/home/admin/myproject

module = Hello

Callable = App

Memory-report = True

Save: Press Escape first to add ": Wq"

Modify nginx.conf content in/usr/local/nginx/conf/

server {

Listen 8080;







Start Uwsgi:


Start Nginx:

Make sure that the 80 port of the system is not occupied by other programs.


Enter in the browser: can access

If other hosts in the LAN need access, you need to set up a Linux server firewall so that the port number 8080 is passed

The above describes the Linux in the Flask framework for the configuration of the Uwsgi+nginx server, including the aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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