confluence5.8.10 installation and crack of Knowledge base system

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has been to the knowledge base system is very concerned about, imagine such a scenario, the company's research and development data over the years as long as a search, the relevant knowledge points are all put in front, any king to take, think of infinite charming, just starting from 10, for various reasons, after all, did not have a good look. It is a coincidence that we can do it more comprehensively. Online circulating More is 5.1 version, followed those posts is indeed feasible, but see the latest version is 5.8.10, inevitably heart has sickly, always want to use a relatively new version, after a subtle, finally fix (only in Windows authentication), there will be a considerable period of time to verify its practicality, although many people on the internet said it was used, but no Specific examples, there is no clear operating procedures, how to use, even the most simple set of permissions can not find how to use the Internet, the Internet is just how to install, crack, as to how to adapt to the company's changes, the management into the operation of the company, to enhance the actual efficacy, it is really not easy. Welcome to this interested colleagues to discuss together to improve.

Reference Document

If the required documents mentioned in this article do not want to look around, you can download it here:

First, prepare beforehand

1, JDK Installation: 5.8.10 JDK is at least 7, of which 7 are also many official website is not recommended, here check jdk-7u79

Second, installation confluence

Double-click Atlassian-confluence-5.8.10-x64.exe

Click Finish will pop up a webpage, there is service id:bh3w-12n1-y4cb-ffu4 record down;

Third, Confluence cracked

1 , close the confluence service

2 , find C:\Program files\atlassian\confluence\confluence\web-inf\ The Atlassian-extras-decoder-v2-3.2.jar in the Lib directory is changed to Atlassian-extras-2.4.jar

3, Chinese and database-driven installation:

Because 5.8.10 just out soon, can not find its Chinese package, here with 5.6.5 version of Chinese package also reluctantly available, will drive Mysql-connector-java-5.1.32-bin.jar, Chinese package confluence-language-std-cn.jar copy to C : \program Files\atlassian\confluence\confluence\web-inf\lib

2. Double-click the Confluence_keygen.jar inside the cracked package to enter the service ID that is recorded, name can be filled in freely

Click Patch Build as shown

Click Open to generate the shown

Click. gen! Generate key

Select key after the left click on the copy succeeded, as shown in

Change the Atlassian-extras-2.4.jar back to Atlassian-extras-decoder-v2-3.2.jar,

Then launch confluence, click, and then enter http://localhost:8090, port number in the browser, is the port number set before, successfully entered the Web page

Paste the generated key into the

Click Production Installation

Once clicked, it will go to the webpage as shown below

Until this point confluence verification has succeeded

Iv. Setting Confluence

1, unzip, generate Xampp file

2. Enter the Xampp file,

3. Double-click Setup_xampp.bat

4. Then double-click Xampp-control.exe

3 Click on the MySQL line to start, click on the Apache line start,

Click the shell to enter the command line

4, enter in the command line

1. Mysql-u Root

2, create database confluence character Set UTF8;

3. Grant all on confluence.* to [email protected] "%" identified by "confluence";

4. Grant all on confluence.* to [email protected] "localhost" identified by "confluence";

After these are ready to restart the Confluence service, select MySQL database according to the reference document, click External

Click Direct JDBC

Click to generate the following as shown

At this point the username and password are confluence

Click Next, you need to wait a moment

After success as shown

Click Empty site

Click Manage users and groups within confluence

Generate the following Web page

Fill in the information Username,name,email can be scrambled, password to remember

Click Next

Click Start using Confluence

The installation was successful at this time

The following steps are to confirm the cracked information

Click Site Management

Enter the password you just set, click Confirm

Click Authorization Details

Generate the following Web page

At this point, confluence installation and cracking has been successful

confluence5.8.10 installation and crack of Knowledge base system

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