Connect a mobile phone to the Internet through a telecom Wireless Router

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I have previously introduced how to connect a mobile phone to a laptop for wireless Internet access. Next I will introduce how to connect a mobile phone to a vro through a telecom wireless network. This method is implemented through the WIFI wireless function of the mobile phone.

My home ADSL is installed 4 M bandwidth of "My EHOME" e8 entertainment package to send EchoLife HG522-C telecommunications wireless network router, the password of the Super administrator of the Telecom wireless network router has been cracked. You can search the Internet to find out the Super User Password. After we log on to the Super User of telecomadmin, modify the connection attributes in "-" Settings.

Select the correct connection when you modify the settings. Check the VPI/VCI value of your local telecom on the Internet. The value in Shenzhen is 8/35, change "Mode" from "original" "to" Route "and then to PPPoE mode. Then, the user name and password options are displayed, and enter the ADSL user name and password for accessing the Internet, select "Automatic Connection" as the dialing method, and click OK, as shown in.

Note that the original configuration parameters must be retained before modification to Prevent Access failure after modification.

After the modification, I can use my Wi-Fi Phone to directly access the Internet using the ADSL Telecom wireless network router. I used my mobile phone to go to several different websites consecutively. They all browsed normally and were very fast.

However, after this modification, I found that neither my computer nor I can dial up the Internet. When I dial up, the system displays "No Remote Response". After the modification, I can dial up the Internet.

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