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Hey, it just took a few hours to read the python syntax and I think it's a bit familiar!
I personally think that python can be used to write shell. Although bat can also be used in windows, bat always feels that there are too many restrictions and it is very hard to write! Python is much more convenient!
I am not talking about this nonsense. Extract an article!
Install win32com. client URL:
The emergence of the Python programming language brings great benefits to developers. We can use this powerful object-oriented open-source language to easily implement many specific functional requirements. For example, Python is used to operate the Access database. Before using Python to operate the Access database, you must first install Python and Python for Windows extensions.
Step 1: Create a database connection
Import win32com. client
Conn = win32com. client. Dispatch (r 'ADODB. connection ')
DSN = 'provider = Microsoft. Jet. OLEDB.4.0; data source = C:/MyDB. mdb ;'
Conn. Open (DSN)
Step 2: open a record set
Rs = win32com. client. Dispatch (r 'ADODB. recordset ')
Rs_name = 'myrecordset' # Table Name
Rs. Open ('[' + rs_name + ']', conn, 1, 3)
Step 3 of Python's Access Database Operations
Rs. AddNew ()
Rs. Fields. Item (1). Value = 'data'
Rs. Update ()
Step 4: use SQL to insert or update data
Conn = win32com. client. Dispatch (r 'ADODB. connection ')
DSN = 'provider = Microsoft. Jet. OLEDB.4.0; data source = C:/MyDB. mdb ;'
SQL _statement = "Insert INTO [Table_Name] ([Field_1],
[Field_2]) VALUES ('data1', 'data2 ')"
Conn. Open (DSN)
Conn. Execute (SQL _statement)
Conn. Close ()
Step 5 of Python Access Database Operations
Rs. MoveFirst ()
Count = 0
While 1:
If rs. EOF:
Countcount = count + 1
Rs. MoveNext ()
Note: If a record is empty, moving the pointer to the first record will result in an error because recordcount is invalid at this time. Solution: Set Cursorlocation to 3 before opening a record set. In this case, recordcount is valid. For example:
Rs. Cursorlocation = 3 # don't use parenthesis here
Rs. Open ('select * FROM [Table_Name] ', conn) # be sure conn is open
Rs. RecordCount # no parenthesis here either
The above section describes how to operate an Access database using Python.
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