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This is a class library written in to connect to MySql. You can use this class library to directly operate MySql databases.

Before using this class library, you must install

Odbc mysql 3.51:

Driver ODBC. NET: FamilyId = 6CCD8427-1017-4F33-A062-D165078E32B1 & displaylang = en

There are three classes in this library:

ManipStringForMySQL: This class modifies the SGBD string

MySQL_Requettes: send a request

MySQL_Utils: test SGBD data

The following is an example of using this library to operate MySql.

// Perform DataSet operations

Public Shared Function mydbcdataset (ByVal ReqSQL As String ,_
ByVal LaBase As String, ByVal Server As String ,_
ByVal Password As String, ByVal User As String ,_
ByVal NomDataSet As String) As DataSet
'Xxion à un server MySQL
'Avec le Driver ODBC 3.51 avec requette qui renvoie un dataset
Dim MyConString As String = _
"DRIVER = {MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; SERVER =" & Server _
& "; DATABASE =" & LaBase & "; UID =" & User _
& "; PASSWORD =" & Password & "; OPTION = 3 ;"

Dim mydbcconnexion As New OdbcConnection (MyConString)
Dim ds As New DataSet ()
Dim cmd As OdbcDataAdapter = New
OdbcDataAdapter (ReqSQL, MyConString)
Dim MyCommand As New OdbcCommand ()
Dim MyDataReader As OdbcDataReader
Cmd. Fill (ds, NomDataSet)
Mydbcconnexion. Close ()
Return ds
Catch mydbcexception As OdbcException
HttpContext. Current. Response. Write (mydbcexception. ToString)
Catch MyException As Exception
HttpContext. Current. Response. Write (MyException. ToString)
End Try
End Function

// Call a function

Dim MonDatasetTemp As DataSet = mysql_requettes.mydbcdataset (
Constantes. ODBCBase,
Constantes. ODBCServer,
Constantes. ODBCPwd,
Constantes. ODBCUser,
"MonDataset ")

The class library used by this program can be downloaded at the address below:

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