Connect to Ubuntu 12.0.4 In the VM through SSH

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Abstract: It mainly solves the problem that ssh remote Ubuntu cannot be used. The remote tool is putty, xshell and javasut12.0.4 can also be used, but this should have no effect.

I. Problems

Two days ago, I installed ubuntu with VMware. Because I often use command lines and switch between virtual machines and physical machines, it was inconvenient. I wanted to remotely run ubuntu in xp. A little unexpected. After a while, the solution was successfully debugged and the process was recorded.

When the connection starts, the connection is always unsuccessful, and the specific problem is fixed. Follow the steps to verify the problem step by step.

II. Specific Solution Process

1. Network

Since we want to remotely run the ubuntu system, is it possible to ping the two networks in one CIDR block first?

A) on a Windows computer, run cmd to open the command window, enter the ipconfig command, and view the Host IP address.

B) In ubuntu, press ctrl + alt + F1 to open the command terminal, enter the ifconfig command, and view the IP address of ubuntu.

C) then, on the ubuntu system terminal, type: ping + Windows Internet IP address, check whether ping is enabled, if not, check the network conditions, and whether the ping is performed in the same CIDR block or in the next step.

D) In the Windows Command window, type ping + ubuntu IP address, check whether the IP address is pinged, check the network condition if the IP address is not pingable, and check whether the IP address is in the same CIDR block or ping.

2. ssh service

Since sshserver is used for remote connection, what needs to be solved when the network is smooth is the ssh problem of the ubuntu system.

A) check whether the ssh service is installed.

On the ubuntu terminal command interface, type:

Ssh localhost

If the following prompt is displayed, it indicates that the installation has not been completed:

Ssh: connect to hostlocalhost port 22: Connection refused

B) install the ssh service

If the sshserver is not installed through the above steps, enter the following command to install it:

Sudo apt-getinstall-y openssh-server

C. Start ssh after installation.

Service ssh start

D) after the startup is complete, run the command ps-e | grep ssh to check the ssh status,

6455? 00:00:00 sshd

It indicates that the startup is successful.

Use putty to connect to ubuntu and solve the problem.

1. PuTTY

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2. Xshell

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