Connect with SQL database with Dreamweaver MX 2004

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First, build the database in SQL Server 2000

1. Create a database in SQL Server 2000

(1) Open the Enterprise Manager for SQL Server 2000, right-click on the database option, and click New Database.

(2) Set the database name to SJK in the new database property.

2. Create a user in SQL Server 2000

(1) Open the Enterprise Manager for SQL Server 2000 and open the Security folder.

(2) Right-click on the login option to open the new login property, set the username to Zl, authenticate to select SQL Server Authentication, and then enter the password, set the user default database to SJK in the default settings below (the first step of the new database).

(3) Select the Server Role tab and select the server role that you want, if it is convenient for you to choose All.

(4) Select the Server Access tab, select the user can access the database, just click on the database to access the box before the system will be in the box on the hook. Then, in the following database role, select the permissions that users have when they access the database, and recommend that all permissions be selected.

Second, the database and ODBC connection

Connection steps:

(1) Open "ODBC" in Control Panel and select the System DNS panel.

(2) Click the Add button and select "SQL Server" to click "Finish".

(3) Configure DNS name and server, name and description can be defined yourself (preferably with no numbers), the server name must be the name of the SQL Server2000 server (typically the name of the computer) on the computer where the data resides, and then click OK.

(4) Select "Use SQL Server Authentication with user input login ID and password" and enter the username and password established in SQL Server in the first step in the user name and password text boxes. Click OK until the test data interface appears.

(5) Click "Test Data Source" to appear the test interface, click "OK".

Third, connect Dreamweaver with SQL Server through ODBC

1. Establish a site called SYF

Establish steps:

(1) Open the Dreamweaver MX site panel and click on the edit site.

(2) Click "New" to create a new site.

(3) Select the "Local info" option to set the name of the site and the file store path.

(4) Select the Test Service option setting to interpret the path of the ASP (consistent with the path set in PWS or IIS).

(5) Click OK to complete the creation work.

2.ODBC connection to Dreamweaver

Connection steps:

(1) Select the "Database" option in the "Application" Panel in Dreamweaver and click the "+" sign above to select the second item (DNS) in the Drop-down menu.

(2) Set the name of the database in Dreamweaver, "Connection name" is used to set the name in the Dreamweaver to represent the connection, as long as there is no number in the name. "Data source name" chooses the name of the database and ODBC connection in the second step, the username and password are the username and password created in SQL Server, and then click OK.

So far we have connected the database to the Dreamweaver. Here's how to apply it by showing examples of student information in a Web page.

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