Connection skills for USB cable and audio interface

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In general, the chassis we can buy now provides front-end USB and front-end audio as well as switch-key functions. And the need for us to connect including switch machine button, hard drive indicator, audio interface and USB cable. It is easy to install the audio and USB cable, is usually modular design, and switch machine buttons because each motherboard manufacturer design is different, so there will be some difficulties.

Various connectors on the chassis

Connection of USB front line

In the current motherboard of the South Bridge chip, the expansion of 10 sets of USB support has been very common. In addition to the 4-6 USB interfaces for I/O design, there are usually 4-6 USB extension interfaces designed on the motherboard. The following figure is the two sets of 4 USB expansion sockets available on the motherboard.

USB extension Support

If you look closely you will see a total of 10 pins on the USB connection socket, but one is free. The chassis provides the plug is also 10 jacks, but one is blocked, this kind of design can help the user to connect correctly, and the wrong connection method is not properly recognized, will remind the user can not install.

Anti-stick interface

Connection Effect Diagram

Connection of front audio cable

The chassis currently offers two audio connectors, AC ' 97 and HD Audio, and modular design, which is very easy to install. However, in the Vista system "inspired", the majority of the motherboard's sound card is supporting HD audio, so we connect the HD part of the plug on it.

Audio plugs

Similar to the USB socket, the front audio socket is also 10 pin design and a blank design, as long as the user can correctly identify the direction, you can easily install the plug.

Motherboard front audio Plug and connection icon

Connection effect

  Summary: you can see that the USB and front audio connectors using a modular plug, as well as the anti-dull design, connected to the basic no difficulty. As long as the user can correctly distinguish between the location of the free pins, can be very easy to complete the installation.

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