Connection to the Internet using a USB cable to a computer using the mobile phone of the d700

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The premise is that your computer must be able to access the Internet.
1. Enable the "file"-"connection settings" option in the synchronization software "Microsoft ActiveSync", remove "√" before "allow connection establishment through USB", and press OK.
2. In the "Start"-"other"-"other"-"attachment" of the mobile phone, select "modem link", select "USB" in the "connection" column, select "Activate" in the "menu", and connect the phone and computer with a USB cable, in Windows 2000, new hardware will be discovered. Click "Next" and select "display driver of known devices ".ProgramSelect "specific driver", click Next, select "other devices" from "Hardware type", click Next, and select "Install from disk ", click Browse, select usb mdm, click OK, click next, and then click Next. Select Yes.
3. Copy the CD file/OEM/apps/usbmodem_dialer to your desktop. (We cannot find many human-light disks. I have packed the drivers for you. You can download them) 4. In "start"-"other"-"other"-"attachment" of the mobile phone, select "modem link" and select "USB" in the "connection" column ", then select "Activate" in the "menu ". (Note: This item must be set before each dial-up)
5. Connect your mobile phone and computer with a USB data cable, double-click "USB modem_dialer" on the desktop, and press "dial. (Note: the user name and password are blank)
My machine has been refreshed by 5.0
The method is verified on my machine. It should be generic !!

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