Considerations for Fiber cabling

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Fiber Cabling Considerations:

1. Clean brush and try to pass. Before laying the optical cable, should Yukong brush clean and try to pass each paragraph. The use of autocratic brush cleaning tools, after cleaning the application of test rods for test pass inspection. Plastic pipe diameter should be 1.5 times times the diameter of the optical cable. When two or more sub tubes are placed in a cement pipe hole, the equivalent total outer diameter of the sub tube shall be less than 85% of the bore diameter of the pipe hole.

2. The cloth puts the plastic son tube. When wearing more than two plastic child tubes, such as tubes for different colors, the end can not be marked. If the tubing is of the same color or no color, the end should be marked separately. The length of the plastic pipe should not exceed 300m, and the plastic sub tube shall not have a joint in the middle of the pipe. In addition, when the plastic tube cloth is put into operation, the ambient temperature should be between 5 degrees Celsius ~+35 Celsius to ensure its quality is not affected. The plastic pipe shall be fixed together with the cement pipe in time to prevent the sub tube from sliding. In addition, the child tube mouth temporarily blocked to prevent foreign bodies into the tube. Plastic sub-tubes should be in accordance with the design requirements, in the hole to leave sufficient length.

3. Cable traction. Optical cable traction length should generally be less than 1000m. When the distance is exceeded, a sectional traction or an auxiliary traction mode in the middle position should be taken to reduce the cable tension and improve the construction efficiency. In order to protect the optical cable in the process of protection from damage, in the optical cable through the pipe hole, the curve of the pipe or with other obstacles cross, should use the guidance device or trumpet protection measures such as protective tube. In addition, can also be based on the need to apply the outside of the optical cable neutral lubricants and other materials to reduce cable traction friction resistance.

4. Reserve allowance. After the cable is laid, the cable should be placed on the required pallet in the hole or the hand hole, and the appropriate allowance should be left to prevent the cable from being too taut. When the optical cable in the hole or the hand hole needs to be continued, the reserved length shall conform to the minimum value specified in table 2-3 of P78.

5. Joint treatment. The cable shall not have a joint in the pipe hole in the middle of the pipe. When the optical cable in the human hole does not have a connector, the requirements of cable bending placed in the cable support plate fixed lashing, not in the middle of the human hole directly through, otherwise not only affect the construction and maintenance, but also easy to cause optical cable damage. When the optical cable has the joint, should use the serpentine hose or the soft plastic pipe and so on the protection, and puts on the pallet to be fixed the lashing.

6. Plugging and marking. The outlet end of the pipe hole should be sealed tightly to prevent moisture or sundries from entering the pipe. Optical cable and its connection should have identification signs, and indicate the number, cable models and specifications. In the cold area should also take antifreeze measures to prevent the cable from freezing damage. If the fiber optic cable may be touched damage, can be placed on the top or around the insulation plate for partition protection.

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