Considerations for producing advertising prints by Photoshop

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Photoshop is a lot of people engaged in advertising design in the use of a professional image editing software, however, many netizens that the image set out with Photoshop, printed into the finished product, the color distortion is very serious, very vague, this is how it? In fact, This is related to the color mode of Photoshop and also to the resolution of Photoshop. Below, small make up to everybody to introduce use Photoshop to make advertisement print of time of notice matters!


1, to determine the accuracy of the picture 300dpi/pixel/inch;

2, to determine the picture mode for CMYK mode;

3, to determine the real bottom (such as pure yellow, pure black, etc.) without other noise;

4, the file should preferably not be merged layer of PSD file format;

5, the text in the picture is best not to finish in Photoshop, because once converted to picture format, the word will become hairy.

Photoshop files generally contain only the image category. If it is to do a printing page, it is best to image, graphics, text, respectively, using different software for processing.

For the delivery of printed images, the most important thing is to pay attention to the resolution of the image and image size problems; The general formula is: Resolution = screen number X (1.5-2). The next is the color mode of the problem, color Image color mode, to use CMYK form.

Black and white image, if not a special request, generally for grayscale mode. For like bar code this must appear as a dot-matrix image form of the line manuscript image, the general resolution is not low 1200dpi, color mode is two value (BITMAP). Moreover, the dot collocation is also very important affects the image quality the question.

For contrast, dot size and gray balance data CMYK dot collocation, must be matched with the subsequent printing process. For example: if the use of offset printing, general dot contrast between 5%~85%, if it is coated paper printing, dot contrast between 2%~98%.

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