Consolidating Git and wingide (enhanced version control of code)

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After being repeatedly crashed by the IDE and even without a tutorial, I was acutely aware of the small company that developed the Wingide IDE, a pit in many features ...

Therefore, if your computer is better, run pycharm stress-free, it is recommended to skip this article, directly to use the Pycharm, save the following bad thoughts.

Of course, I belong to the computer is very rotten, with Pycharm when a bit right button will be the whole computer card, the kind of death, can only compromise with wingide, peacetime practice write good, this time need to do strict version control, silly eyes.

The official homepage on the version control of the tutorial is a two-stage ultra-low-resolution video, but also fq to see, but it is not much use, because he just tells you that version control can be used, as well as version control can be arbitrary commit and merge, but does not tell you how to integrate version control tools inside.

Not even a text tutorial ah ah Ah! So I toss one hours, make up for this domestic and foreign market on the tutorial blank.

On the other hand, the first step is to download the version Control tool and install it on your own computer, I use Git

Next, for frequent versioning, it is recommended that you set the common version Control tool to the main menu bar first.

Operation steps: Edit->preferences->version control->git (I use git so choose git here)

Select Always active in active and then populate git executable with the Git.exe file location in the GIT installation directory. and tick the Use--porcelain option, this option can be understood as using some advanced features.

After saving, do not rush to import the project, first go to a directory to initialize git.

The steps are as follows: Create a new folder, right-select Gitbash here, and then enter Git init in the GIT command-line window

Then create your remote repository and enter GIT remote add PB [email protected] in the GIT command line client: ... To protect privacy omitted, it is worth noting that the GIT address of the remote repository must be SSH address, do not be HTTPS, this is for the later free password consideration. Add after successful input

Git remote-v to see if it's displayed correctly, note that fetch and push are the best form of ssh, and if not, consult Git help to change the transfer mode

Then create your project's public and private keys, this step is important, I did not correctly handle the public key and private key settings, so the IDE has not been successful.

In the GIT Command line window, enter ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "[Email protected]"

The echo is as follows:

Generating public/private RSA key pair.
Enter file in which to save the key (/C/USERS/ADMINISTRATOR/.SSH/ID_RSA):<----this to enter the location of the directory where key is saved, it is recommended to hit enter directly in this step
/c/users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa already exists.
Overwrite (y/n)? Y <-----If already present, Knock y overlay
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again: <------Enter the password, you can lose the password, you can also hit enter
Your identification has been saved in/c/users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa.<-----These lines are successful.
Your public key has been saved in/c/users/administrator/.ssh/
The key fingerprint is:<-----to protect privacy, omit the following
Then immediately go to the directory where you saved the key and save the private key to the project directory, just in case

The public key is then opened with a text editor such as EditPlus, and the content is glued to the public Key Management office of the project hosting site

Next, verify that the public and private keys are configured correctly

Enter SSH-T in the command line window of git [email protected]

Welcome to [email protected], anonymous! show this line proves you have succeeded

Git is out of the way, and then we go back to the IDE, create a new project, add existing directory, select the directory that was just init.

Then click on the main menu Git->switch if you just want to get the branch, the home directory may also need to operate this step, not currently tried, you can try

, the first line is git init directory, the second line is the branch name, Switch Branch, click on the main menu Git->pull branch changes

Don't ask me why not fetch, I don't know, anyway, fetch is not getting the file

Pull fill in the content and switch content is similar, fill in the wrong when you can.

Then click the Pull button and you're done.

If there is any problem in the middle of the output content can be observed, there will be a corresponding hint, nothing more than the following:

1. Your directory is not initialized, so you cannot find the. git file

2, your public key is not configured correctly so prompt no permission

3, your Git account permissions are not correct, so prompt no permissions

4, you use the HTTPS method of the GIT address for transmission so that no permissions or can not find/dev/tty

5, your branch name is wrong so prompt no branch

6, output a blank, it is very scary, it is likely that you git misconfiguration, it may be git configuration and wingide configuration of the process of which the operation error, you have to carefully troubleshoot, with the fetch will also encounter this situation

Probably on top of those, there are other questions you can leave a message to ask me

The integration process also encountered two wingide bugs:

1. When a git project is already in use open project from file or add another git project address directory, the entire IDE will be stuck

2, delete all the project configuration variables and initialized git directory, in the parent directory init additional directory and new project operation, the default is the original Git project, and ignore the original deleted directory, code path continues to point to the deleted directory, really no words, have to create a new project

Finally I strongly request wingide open source again, in order to facilitate you pythoner to change the software bug and the related configuration

Do not open source estimates Python commonly used in the IDE market only Pycharm, although it is really not a normal card ...

Consolidating Git and wingide (enhanced version control of code)

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