Constant optimization that little thing

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Test environment:

Os:linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS



Compiler:gnu g++ 4.8.4 (Switch ON-O3 optimization in release mode)

Part I: input (if there is no special description, the input type is int,scanf only one parameter is received per execution)

C + + iostream optimization statement (to avoid mixing C + + io and C-style io after use):

Std::ios::sync_with_stdio (0);

Std::cin.tie (0);

Std::cin is approximately 4 times times more time-consuming than scanf when not optimized (whether or not the-ox compilation optimization is turned on)

Combined with optimized time-consuming and scanf equivalent

Read-in optimization when not open-ox and scanf compared with no advantage, open-ox after scanf faster 10%~15%

And the speed of the scanf seems to be related to the number of parameters received at a time, the input amount, one read 5 times than one read 1 fast 10%~15%, and is not affected by the compilation optimization switch

1#include <iostream>2#include <cctype>3#include <initializer_list>4 5 #if__cplusplus < 201103L6#include <bits/c++0x_warning.h>7 #endif //__cplusplus8 9Template <classIstreamtype,classInttype>Ten void_read_positive_integer (istreamtype& ist, inttype&dest) One { ADest =0; -     CharCH = ist.Get(); -      while(!isdigit (ch)) ch = ist.Get(); the      while(IsDigit (CH)) -     { -Dest *=Ten; -Dest + = CH-'0'; +CH = ist.Get(); -     } + } A  atTemplate <classIstreamtype,classInttype> - void_read_integer (istreamtype& ist, inttype&dest) - { -Dest =0; -     CharCH = ist.Get(); -      while(!isdigit (CH) && ch! ='-') ch = ist.Get(); in     if(ch = ='-') -     { toCH = ist.Get(); +          while(IsDigit (CH)) -         { theDest *=Ten; *Dest-= CH-'0'; $CH = ist.Get();Panax Notoginseng         } -     } the     Else  while(IsDigit (CH)) +         { ADest *=Ten; theDest + = CH-'0'; +CH = ist.Get(); -         } $ } $  -Template <classIstreamtype,classInttype,class... Args> -InlinevoidReadpositiveinteger (istreamtype& ist, inttype&First , theargs&.. args) - {Wuyistd::initializer_list<int> dummy = the{(_read_positive_integer (ist, first),0), (_read_positive_integer (ist, args),0)... }; - } Wu  -Template <classIstreamtype,classInttype,class... Args> AboutInlinevoidReadinteger (istreamtype& ist, inttype& First, args&.. args) $ { -std::initializer_list<int> dummy = -{(_read_integer (ist, first),0), (_read_integer (ist, args),0)... }; -}
input Optimization with C + + style input

———— to Be Continued ————

Constant optimization that little thing

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