Constructing digital new campus of Changsha Polytechnic University

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The new campus network of Changsha Polytechnic University, as the application, business and bearing platform of Changsha University of Technology, can use advanced network technology to establish their own business system, the network can realize information resource sharing and real-time communication. Full-network requirements with high intelligence, strong security, complete management and operational capabilities, the core layer of switches using intelligent million-gigabit switch as the backbone, support million-gigabit technology, IPV6 technology, using dual-core structure, and the old Campus two core paper machine composition ring structure.

Advanced equipment, stable and reliable

In the core layer, Shenzhou Digital network uses a Shenzhou digital DCRS-7608 million IPV6 switch as the core of the network switch. DCRS-7608 can provide up to 1.28Tbps of exchange capacity, provide sufficient capacity to send 952M nondisruptive packets per second at wire speed to meet the minimum throughput requirements for rated systems, all interfaces running at the same speed, with fault-tolerant load balancing power, two or three power supplies supported (two power supplies configured), with fault-tolerant configuration Multiple power supplies to improve reliability; hot-swappable power and switching modules, which can be hot plugged in and unplugged without shutting down the system, can be modified and maintained at all times, improving reliability by shortening downtime. In addition, the business modules provided on DCRS-7608 are hardware ASIC chip support IPV6, which greatly improves the advanced nature of the network.

In the convergence layer and the access layer, it is necessary to use the access and convergence switch of the campus network in order to reduce the bottleneck of access and ensure sufficient bandwidth to meet the needs of the access users. In view of this, Shenzhou Digital network in the teaching area of the convergence layer adopted two digital Shenzhou hardware IPv6 switch dcrs-5950-26, in the student dormitory convergence layer adopted 10 Shenzhou digital IPV6 switch DCRS-5512GC. In the access layer, the dcs-3950s/3926s with rich stacking characteristics is used. Maximum support for 9 stacks, support for 24-Port and 48-port switch hybrid stacking.

Network Security tiering Considerations

For the construction of the campus network of the new campus of Changsha Polytechnic University, the digital network of Shenzhou has considered the security of the whole network system from different levels. In the network layer, the Shenzhou Digital network divides the subnet according to the department or the logical segment, and the activity of the subnet is judged and detected by the condition. Business subnets belonging to sensitive information can be set up access control lists, the Digital China Network operating system (Dcnos) can control the IP application layer, and make access control policies that allow or prohibit based on source address or destination address. At the same time, Shenzhou Digital core switch DCRS-7608, Converge DCRS-59/55 series, Access DCS-39 series switch also has the unique high security, can to the network virus, the scanning carries on the guard, has greatly improved the network security.

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