Construction of dynamic website wishing wall under lamp environment

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Prepare for the environment before building, using the Linux distribution CentOS 7

1. Install and start Apache+mysql and place the file in the apache root directory/val/www/html

Installation and start-up method reference:

2. First we first set up a user ' Dagege ' in the database, create a database ' Xyq ', give the user ' Dagege ' all permissions to the database ' XYQ '!

[Email protected] ~]# mysql-u root-p   #进入数据库Enter password:welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands End With; or \g.your MySQL connection ID is 4Server version:5.6.34 mysql Community Server (GPL) Copyright (c), Oracle and /or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or itsaffiliates. Other names trademarks of their respectiveowners. Type ' help ', ' or ' \h ' for help.    Type ' \c ' to clear the current input statement.mysql> create user ' dagege ' @ ' ' identified by ' Dagege ';    #创建用户和密码, and bind Ipquery OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec) mysql> CREATE database Xyq;    #创建数据库Query OK, 1 row Affected (0.00 sec) Mysql> Grant all privileges in xyq.* to ' dagege ' @ ' '; #给来自IP: ' dagege ' user xyq all permissions to the database query OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec)

3. Enter the database ' Xyq ' and import the SQL file (the link is extracted)

mysql> use XYQ; #进入数据库Database changed
mysql> [Copy all the contents of two SQL files paste it over] #导入sql文件

4. Install Php-mysql (configure local Yum source)

[[email protected] xyq]# yum install php-mysql loaded plugin: fastestmirror, langpacksloading mirror speeds from cached Hostfile * C6-media: Resolving dependencies There is unfinished transactions remaining. You might consider running yum-complete-transaction, or "Yum-complete-transaction--cleanup-only" and "Yum redo LA St ", first to finish them. If those don ' t work for you ' ll has to try removing/installing packages by hand (maybe Package-cleanup can help) .--> is checking transactions ---> Package php-mysql.x86_64. will be installed--processing dependencies php-pdo (x86-64) = 5.4.16-36.el7_1, which is the package php-mysql-5.4.16-36.el7_1.x86_64 required--Checking transaction---> Package php-pdo.x86_64. will be installed-- Resolve dependencies to complete dependency resolution =================================================================================================                             ========================================================== Package Architecture Version Source Size ========================================================================================================================== ================================= Installing: Php-mysql x86_64 5.4.16-36.el7_                           1 C6-media K for dependency installation: Php-pdo x86_64 5.4.16-36.el7_1 C6-media-K transaction summary ========= ===============================================================================================================  =================================== Install 1 packages (+1 dependent packages) Total Downloads: 196 k installation Size: 424 kIs This OK [y/d/n]: ydownloading packages:error  Downloading packages:php-pdo-5.4.16-36.el7_1.x86_64: [Errno] No more mirrors to try. PHP-MYSQL-5.4.16-36.EL7_1.X86_64: [Errno] No more mirrors to try.

5. Modify the file connect.php then save!

<?php$host= "";    Here writes the MySQL host's ip$db_user= "Dagege";    Here write the username we just created $db_pass= "Dagege";     Here write the password $db_name= "Xyq"; Here write the database we created $timezone = "Asia/shanghai"; $link =mysql_connect ($host, $db _user, $db _pass); mysql_select_db ($db _name,$ link); mysql_query ("SET names UTF8"); header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");d Ate_default_timezone_set ($timezone); Beijing time? >~        

6. Restart Apache service, turn off firewall and SELinux

[Email protected] xyq]# systemctl restart Httpd.service
[Email protected] xyq]# Systemctl stop Firewalld.service
[Email protected] xyq]# Setenforce 0

Construction of dynamic website wishing wall under lamp environment

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