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SEO is not something inscrutable

Many people think that SEO is very mysterious or very advanced, in fact, personally feel that it is not a profound technology. Even though there are too many tutorials or articles on the web about SEO, there are actually a few points to sum up. Even, sometimes only a little better, you can put the site's ranking to do up. Therefore, we do not have to think of SEO as something inscrutable. Currently on the market to do SEO training in general only a few days of courses, just imagine, if there are many chaotic SEO complex things, only a few days is certainly not finished. SEO practitioners or SEO enthusiasts, practitioners, the general approach is the mainstream of the "eight factors", even if some of the new scheme may be different, but generally will not exceed this range. This article in the operation of the Dalian Decoration Network process, the content of SEO and the importance of the chain has a more profound understanding, based on this, to talk about their own SEO project content and outside the chain of some views.

The content Misting the text, the false original actually also gives the force

Recently, about Baidu for the content made a ranking adjustment of the discussion is very warm, we agree that: Baidu more and more intelligent, the resolution of the article more and more powerful, so collection, false original more and more not to force. Of course, this point of view is correct, but personally believe that the content of pure collection Baidu will take certain measures to curb, but for false original, there should be no big discrimination. In fact, many stations are now in the direct acquisition of the content of other sites, and they at least now live well, otherwise the acquisition software will not have no market?!

Well, to be clear, I personally hate collecting and copying, but as many internet companies say in their defense: the essence of the Internet is to share. Then, their articles are expropriated by others or their own expropriation of other people's articles, it can be the name of the United States: share. However, to give up the character to talk about benefits, directly to plagiarism or acquisition in the long run is certainly not any good, and their own pure original and very impractical, so, ready to play a permanent station webmaster generally adopted the way is false original. This involves the core content of the text to be said, that is the text! The article is composed of words, at present many colleges and universities on whether the paper is copied by the way to see whether there are a number of consecutive words the same, I think Baidu on the content of a site is plagiarism may also be used in this way. In fact, Chinese is profound, a 500-word article, we only need to change less than 100 words, then the plagiarism monitoring system should be difficult to find. The reason is so, original you have to write 500 words, and false original, you only need to change 100 words, the workload is much smaller, and Baidu generally can't recognize the nature of such articles, even if some awareness, but also more than those direct plagiarism better!

Within the chain to grasp two, improve the search volume and the weight of the home page

Besides the chain, the inner chain contains many layers of meaning, for example, the end of an article has a link to the article, which belongs to the chain; An article in the article related to the site keyword is time to add links, which also belong to the chain. The function of the previous inner chain is to search spiders can be more comfortable to find the content of your site, which may greatly increase the number of your site is retrieved; the function of the latter kind of chain is actually somewhat similar to the anchor text outside the chain, although it is under the same Web site, but not on the same page, The content of the article in the keyword as the link anchor text link more, the equivalent of the weight of the home page, so, this is certainly good. In fact, many websites are now taking this approach, whether it's small sites or some of the more well-known sites. Take Shijiazhuang decoration net, in the article in the chain on the comparison to force. First of all, the first chain, the site of each article after the relevant articles to share; the second chain, the site of each article contains keywords will be added to the link and links to the home page, in fact, even if the site does not appear the core keywords in this article, this site has also created the site's key words , and add it to the rough link and link to the home page, for example, in the end of the article, this article from a certain website, reproduced please specify, and then in the "So-and-so Site" contains the site's keywords can be.

Outside chain, increase quantity, grasp quality, attach importance to anchor text

Although many people are saying, the number of chain is not the more the better, but in fact, the site's ranking to be more than competitors, the number of outside the chain is generally more than it. Of course, this is the Baidu outside the chain. However, if your chain quality is super good, then you can take the fine route, perhaps a few outside the chain will be able to make the ranking of the site up! However, most of the webmaster or those who do not have high-quality outside the chain of people, so, or in the first pursuit of quantity based on the pursuit of quality bar. There are many webmaster think, a lot of increase in the chain on a site is not good, and sometimes even be k. Personally, this is a misunderstanding. How to prove that this is a misunderstanding? First of all, we assume that this view is set up, then if we want to kill the competitor's website, it is not to find a way to add a lot of junk outside the chain can do it?! And do such a thing is actually very simple ah, buy a forum mass software can be realized. Of course, I'm not advocating that we attack competitors, or that trying to get a lot of quality is not a good outside chain. The number of the chain is much more certainly better than less, but do not suddenly let the number of chain explosion, to gradually, want to eat a fat person is often easily choked, and may even be choked to death.

and the link anchor text, in doing outside the chain, especially when doing blog, friendship Links or forum signature, link anchor text to use the site's keywords. This, I don't think I need to say more.

Text, inner chain, outside the chain, SEO also is so the thing

If the SEO only these points, which of course is false, because do these work is definitely in the site in the keyword strategy and the structure of the site at least have a certain guarantee on the basis of doing! Of course, these points are the most important, I believe no one has any objections. For example, a lot of people are talking about the title of the website, how to set the power. In fact, now a lot of corporate websites, their title is simply the accumulation of keywords, but because of the above mentioned several aspects of good performance, so the site is very good rankings! However, SEO is not to say that you can, the most important thing is practice, do more, the details inside the better grasp, In a new SEO project, the more you can do! webmaster Works, reproduced please specify! All the content of the article is purely personal opinion, if there is a poor place, but also hope to forgive!

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