Content Routing Technology of CDN

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CDN Website accelerates as the service quality of improving streaming content transmission and the technology of saving network broadband has been hindering more and more widely, the key technology of CDN mainly includes content routing technology, content distribution technology, content storage technology and content management technology.

CDN's Content routing technology is the purpose of directing the user's request to the optimal point in the entire CDN network node. The load balancing system is the core of the whole CDN, its accuracy and efficiency directly determine the efficiency and performance of the whole CDN. General load Balancing can be divided into global load balancing and local load balancing. The main purpose of global load balancing is to direct the user's request to the nearest node throughout the network, so proximity judgment is the primary function of global load balancing. Local load balancing is generally limited to a certain area, and the goal is to find the most suitable node within a specific region to provide services, so the health of the CDN node, supported media formats, and other operational states are the main sentence for local load balancing decisions. Detail Access: the implementation of load balancing includes DNS, application layer redirection, and transport layer redirection.

For global load balancing, in order to perform proximity judgments, there are usually 2 ways, static configuration and dynamic detection, both of which can be combined. Local load balancing in order to implement effective decision-making, it is necessary to obtain the running state of Cach device in real time, which is usually realized by active probing and protocol interaction. In comparison, the protocol interaction is more accurate and reliable than the detection method, but there is no standard protocol, and the interconnection between the manufacturers is more difficult.

Content Routing Technology of CDN

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