Continue to do your own thing, so that others can continue to do it?

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Some people do not want to share, but this is a minority
Some people are willing to share but shy. This is a small part.
Some people are very willing to share, but the company does not have this atmosphere.
Continue to do your own thing and let others continue to make the effort.

In the development process scenario, we must discuss various issues with our colleagues, especially the features and usage of the platform we developed. In this process, I was deeply impressed by a similar and repeated scenario:

Q: I want to develop a XX function. XX is required. Do you have one?

A: I have.

Q: Ah, who, how is your function (class, framework, tag) used?

A. Let me give youCode.

Q. I saw it. Even, it turns out to be like this.

As a result, the code of a piece of film flew along the network cable between the flying pigeons.

Because we often say "it was like this", we say "Soga Shidi" in Japanese (it was like this ). This phrase is not often heard, so people in other groups start to learn it. Haha. It's really a happy day.

Looking back, we all use code to communicate with each other, which is much more efficient and faster than talking about it.

My teamProgramOver the past few years, they have become accustomed to such scenarios, because they often fail to make clear what they encounter, and the code is self-evident for many problems. As a result, we can see that the spoken language is used to initiate the contract, and the code is flying to demonstrate the actual effect of the substantive problem.

This is a natural and common situation. When many people encounter it, I will analyze it with my heart: Why are programmers too lazy to talk about it and are willing to use code for communication? Why is the code always easier to tell?

I think the reason is: Code, as a computer language, is very different from English or Chinese, because the computer language does not have a corresponding spoken language and is highly refined, specifically used to express the implementation of business and technology. The same business and technical implementation, if switched to oral, can be said to be a place of saliva.

Reading code is faster, while reading code is faster than reading a book.

As a programmer's manager, it is necessary to ensure effective and fast communication with the programmer, understand the real quality of the project, and ensure that you are equal to or even clearer than the programmer. However, considering the time, it is impossible to invest 100% in code development. Therefore, it is a simple and feasible method to read a lot of code and give feedback.

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